Grateful for antibiotics and coffee this week…

Today marks the end of the 24th year that I have spent with my wonderful Hubby – hard to believe it’s been nearly a quarter of a century!  Here’s to another 24+; it’s been an incredible ride!!

We had a couple of doctor’s visits this week which brought two rounds of antibiotics – luckily for two different kids!  Everyone is feeling better now – the wonder of modern medicine! 

Last Monday morning brought a visit to the doctor’s office for Doodle.  Diagnosis = bladder infection; of course, we knew going over there that was what she had – there’s no mistaking those symptoms!  The good news is that the antibiotics go to work really quickly against a bladder infection, and, by Tae Kwon Do that night, she was already feeling a lot better.  Unfortunately, I have no idea what we ate for dinner that night – likely pizza! 

Tuesday was date night – Old Chicago half-price appetizers!  We tried their fried pickles this time – not bad, but we both still like the pickles at BW3 much better.  We also had popcorn chicken and Italian Nachos.  I think I mentioned this the last time we had Italian Nachos, but they are definitely harder to eat than they used to be.  They are still delicious, but I think the grease is starting to get to me!  I do really like their popcorn chicken though, and the price is definitely right! 

Wednesday was BW3 after Awana; we didn’t win anything this week – good thing we really like the wings and the company!  KayBee and her hubby joined us again – always fun to have a bigger group of friends there. 

Thursday night I had dinner at Redstone in Minnetonka with coworkers.  Their Christmas decorations are up, and it was very festive.  The food was amazing; I had sea bass with rice and we split English toffee cake and banana cream pie for dinner!  Definitely no complaints. 

Friday morning took us back to the doctor’s office; this time for K-Cat.  Turns out she has pneumonia and an ear infection – today is her last day for antibiotics, and she still has a small cough but is feeling much better.  Dinner that night was pizza at Awana Bonus Night!  LooHoo went to Planet Wisdom at the church that night instead of hanging out with us – can you imagine choosing Dutton and the Skit Guys over your own family!  =P  Yeah, I probably would have made the same choice – she had a great time learning more about God and the importance of reading your bible regularly. 

Saturday morning, LooHoo was back at church at 8:30 for another day of worship and lessons.  The rest of us put up the Christmas decorations!  Hubby and I even managed to get lights hung on the gutters before the snow started to fall that afternoon.  I really wish there was a good excuse to leave our Christmas trees up all year – I love the lights!  It was great fun to get out all of the ornaments again and to talk about all of the memories.  Hubby made turkey and potatoes for dinner and, of course, we had homemade Orange Julius while we decorated the tree in the living room! 

Sunday, Hubby and I celebrated our dating anniversary by going to the Vikings/Broncos football game here in town.  It turned out to be a great game – the score stayed very close, the plays were exciting (even for this “fan” who knows very little about the game), and, the best part, it was a no lose for us as we would have loved to have seen either team win.  For me, the highlights were learning the Skol, Vikings song – which is sung EVERY time the Vikings score and seeing Tebow lead the Broncos downfield to score extremely quickly twice in the second half!  And, of course, splitting a Chicago dog with Hubby has to rank as a highlight as well.  Dinner that night was Cincinnati chili at the Bingo Buddies’ house and French Silk pie to celebrate their second born’s birthday – a delicious end to a very fun day! 

Yesterday was a typical Monday with work, Tae Kwon Do, and pizza for dinner.  I stayed up a bit too late preparing for Awana later this week – looking forward to the Christmas break in a couple of weeks with a few less things on the schedule…  grateful for coffee this morning!


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