College already?

You would think that I’d be used to busy nights, but they still overwhelm me.  Last night was one of those nights… I had to work later than usual in Maplewood which is very near Woodbury, which meant a long drive home.  As I got there later than usual, Hubby made dinner and drove the girls to Tae Kwon Do.  I rushed in, changed clothes, ate leftover lunch – Jimmy John’s turkey sandwich and half a cookie – and then rushed back out to meet my Bingo Buddy GF for some walking at the gym.  LooHoo went with me so we hung out and watched the end of Tae Kwon Do practice and then took the younger girls home. 

While Doodle and K-Cat got ready for bed, LooHoo worked on a Spanish test while telling me about colleges to look up online for her.  We began the daunting task of building a list of potential schools and, primarily, helping her figure out how many years of a foreign language she needs to complete to be admitted.  As it turns out, the schools she is most interested in don’t require any foreign language!  Can you believe we will be going on college visits next fall?  The good news is she got a B on her Spanish test – not bad considering she is learning it at home online and not in a classroom or with anyone she can actual converse with regularly. 

I tucked K-Cat and Doodle in – cried with Doodle a little as one of the girls in the book we are reading died in last night’s chapter!  UGH – who writes this stuff??  The little girl in the book got sick, and I thought, “surely, she won’t die; this is a kid’s book for Pete’s sake!”  Well, turns out I was definitely wrong… someone should warn a person! 

LooHoo and I then ventured out to the McDonald’s drive-through for a little late night coffee treat and finished planning details for a party we are having soon.  We hurried home to give Hubby all of the details and to watch a little TV before heading off to bed.  I realized after I was there that I was feeling quite sick to my stomach while drifting off to sleep – feeling much better this morning… I wonder if it was the thought of LooHoo going off to college so soon?


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