So another week has gone by without blogging… maybe if I could put blogging into my daily routine?  Maybe I should start with just creating a routine day! 

Last Wednesday was Awana; it was Backwards Night – for the record, it is very uncomfortable to wear your shirt backwards all night long!  No big surprises, we got McDonald’s for the girls for dinner and then headed over to BW3 for music bingo.  We won the first two rounds even with a bigger than usual crowd – The Norwegians and The Principles (a little play on words, but they know who they are!) – joined us.  I hear rumor of a late night adventure taken on by some of the group in honor of another friend’s birthday, but I, unfortunately, don’t have any good details to share as I went home and went to bed! 

Thursday night, Hubby and LooHoo went on a date to prep for an upcoming big event at the church.  That meant they got to eat dinner out while the younger girls and I had frozen dinners – Banquet Chicken Fingers for them and Lean Cuisine Swedish Meatballs for me!  I know; I wish there was a picture too!  After dinner, I took them to Tae Kwon Do and walked on the elliptical with my Bingo Buddy GF.  As our frozen dinners were not especially filling, we did stop at Taco Bell on the drive home for a “fourth meal” – five-layer burritos, cheese roll-ups and pintos & cheese! 

The weekend started off a little crazy with Fall Bash at the church Friday night – about 450 people showed up to see Dustin Kelm and his unicycle (  As we were busy finishing set-up for the event after the event (a carnival for the 5th & 6th graders), we had McDonald’s for dinner… a quick run through the drive-through before everything started!  The carnival was a lot of fun, but it meant a late night for us as there is always clean up at the end! 

Saturday morning I actually slept in!  We spent the day hanging out around the house, catching up on unfinished projects, planning upcoming birthday parties, working on Doodle’s film from Labor Day, and writing papers for school.  That evening, we went to The Race Fans’ house (these are Hubby’s cousins who actually have family ties to auto racing – we can find them at the track most summer weekends!).  Anyway, their youngest (and our God-son) was celebrating his 3rd birthday.  We had dinner (sandwiches, veggies, and salads – very yummy!) and birthday cake and, best of all, got to spend some time catching up with family – which is always fun! 

Sunday morning was another early one!  K-Cat had to be at church at 7:30 to practice her solo with the band and with the other kids who were singing solos that morning.  She and I went to breakfast at the church café after that – I had an omelet and she had a doughnut (not sure that’s a good breakfast, but she doesn’t like eggs or waffles so that was the only choice left).  We had fun visiting and trying different hot water and tea remedies to try to help her sore throat and cough before she had to sing – she definitely does NOT like hot water with honey or tea with milk and sugar! 

That night was the Gracies for the junior and senior high at church which meant we had to go back to church to see how LooHoo’s small group’s movie did against all of the other movies submitted over the past two weekends.  All of the groups dressed in a theme they had selected; LooHoo’s group went as wait staff with black pants, white shirts, aprons and trays.  Every group won an award, and LooHoo’s group got Most Calories Burned – as their movie featured a workout session.  Dinner that night was Little Caesar’s pizza which we picked up on the way home from the event. 

Last night (Monday, whew!) the younger girls had Tae Kwon Do, and I walked (again!  Woohoo!!) at the gym.  Hubby stayed home with LooHoo to watch the Vikings/Packers game which from what I hear never really looked good for the home team and definitely did not end well for us!  Hubby made Hamburger Helper for dinner – it was nice to have a home-cooked meal again – maybe that could be part of our routine day, too?!


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