Everyone is feeling better!

Wow!  Time really flies around here… I was thinking I’d missed two days of blogging but it has really been three – no wonder I get so far behind!  So, to quickly try to catch up (again!)…

Sunday, K-Cat and LooHoo were too sick to go to church so I stayed home with them.  Don’t worry – they were better by bedtime that night and Doodle and I have yet to catch whatever it is so maybe we’re all out of the woods!  We spent the morning and afternoon laying around painting nails and watching movies on TV while Hubby and Doodle went to church and then to practice for the musical afterwards. 

I took Doodle to Foundations class that night with a stop at the McDonald’s drive-thru for dinner for her.  On the way back home, I went through the same drive-thru again (I know the woman working the window was confused to see me for a second time in less than 15 minutes) to get dinner for everyone else and take it home. 

After I picked Doodle up from Foundations, she and I worked more on editing her Labor Day weekend movie (no, it’s not done yet!) and K-Cat and I worked on some crafts!  Then it was off to normal bedtime routines for everyone. 

Monday night, Hubby picked up fried chicken from Cub Foods on the way home from work and made potatoes and beans to go with it.  The girls had Tae Kwon Do again and I finally went back to the gym to walk with my Bingo Buddy GF – nothing like an hour on the elliptical and treadmill to make you feel accomplished (and old and tired) at the end of the day!  Obviously though I wasn’t feeling that old as, after tucking in the younger girls, LooHoo and I went to the after-10 p.m. movie to see The Help… we both really enjoyed it!  We stopped at McDonald’s for coffee after the movie to help us stay awake for the drive home (at least that’s the reason we’re sticking to!); I definitely recommend their new peppermint mocha if you like coffee! 

Last night was date night again!  Hubby and I went to BW3 for parmesan garlic chicken flatbread and chili cheese dogs.  We also tried the southwestern bites which were very good with quite a bit of kick to them.  It is always fun to sit and talk and catch up with each other.  From there it was off to Walmart for a fill-in grocery trip – really just food for the girls for lunches and breakfasts – then home to tuck everyone into bed and to catch up on some sleep lost from the night before!


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