A What and for What?

Most of our night tonight was at Grace Church for Awana T&T Green Bonus Night – “What’s that?” You ask… it’s 90 minutes of 3rd and 4th grade boys and girls saying sections in their Awana books to earn, not only Awana bucks, but also tickets that can be exchanged for dinner (a hot dog, chips and a drink), dodge ball or kickball time, video game playing time, or candy!  We had 30 kids there tonight!  The “Bonus” is that it’s an extra chance for them to have Awana leaders in one place to say verses and get through their books. 

Dinner for us was, therefore, obviously, a hot dog, chips and a drink… dessert, however, turned out to be apple crisp which was very unexpectedly left out on our kitchen counter by the teenage girls who are sleeping over at our house! 

It’s filming night for the Gracies – again, you ask, “What’s that?”  It’s an annual event put on by the youth ministry team at Grace Church.  All of the small groups from 7th grade through 12th grade get together in their groups for an overnight to film a movie around a specific theme (notice I called it an overnight and not a sleepover; we don’t expect to see much sleeping!).  The movies are then judged and awards are to be handed out at the Gracies Award Program to be held in the future! 

The fun part for us – we get to host LooHoo’s small group!  If you know us, you know that we love to have people at our house so this is a great night.  PLUS – as mentioned above, they bring great snacks! 

So, after Bonus Night, we came home, had some dessert and chased K-Cat and Doodle off to bed as they have an early morning tomorrow (more on that tomorrow night)!


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