Celebrating Family

We have a houseful of people, and I LOVE it!  It almost feels like Christmas around here… Halloween is one of those holidays that we have chosen to take hold of and make into a big family celebration.  It’s been this way for years at our house – no spooky, scary stuff and definitely no talk of demons or witchcraft, but a fun time of dressing up, eating too much, and enjoying hanging out together. 

The festivities usually start around the middle of the month when we put up the decorations – lots of smiling pumpkins (cause they like our family, too) and pretty lights; the candles come out and, because the days are getting shorter, we actually get to start burning them after dinner – which makes the house smell incredible!  We also get out the box of costumes and our kids revert to little girls as they play dress-up for hours – pretending to be princesses, puppies, Indians, and brides!  The last few years we’ve gone to Goodwill for our final costume selection – this year, we will have a candy corn (Doodle), a fairy princess (K-Cat), and a baby (LooHoo) at our house. 

Next comes planning for Spooky Dinner – this will be our 16th year of eating things like brains, monster mash, BBQ worm sandwiches, and throw up (yeah, we maybe should change the name to How Gross Can We Name Our Food Dinner, but Spooky Dinner rolls off the tongue much easier!).  This year, in addition to the foods above, we will be eating candy pizza, mummy dogs, deviled eggs, eyeballs, and pumpkin sandwiches – sound appetizing? 

So, if we’ve been working on this all month, why am I sharing it now?  Because Thursday night, The Twin and Baby Bee came to our house (for those who don’t know them, that would be Hubby’s brother – no, they’re not really twins, but they could be – and his little boy)!  They flew in from Arizona and will be staying for several days!  Because we were at the airport at dinner, we stopped at Chipotle on the way home to eat – Hubby and I split a Carnitas Burrito with rice, black beans, corn salsa, cheese and sour cream.  The younger girls and Baby Bee had cheese quesadillas and LooHoo had Carnitas Tacos.  The Twin had a Burrito Bowl – trying to be healthy, I think, at a place that serves portions way beyond the normal size!  We spent the rest of that night catching up with The Twin and playing with Baby Bee! 

Yesterday, we had more family arrive!  Nana and Grandpa got here in the late afternoon from Up North and Jay Pea got home around dinner time – NOW we’re ready for a weekend of celebrating family!  Dinner last night was Jay Pea’s favorite courtesy of her Daddy who misses her very much when she is not here – slow cooker chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy!  We also had green beans, pears, and rolls – talk about a great dinner! 

After dinner, we cleared the table and brought in the pumpkins from the front porch – Grandpa and I cut the tops off and the kids started pulling out the guts!  That’s when the real party began…  The Jordans (‘cause even though they don’t live there now, they will forever be associated there in my mind) and their daughter, Purple, came over with all five of their grandbabies, who are technically second cousins to my kids and Baby Bee (I think – there’s some debate about whether they are actually first cousins once removed, but I think that’s what they actually are to Hubby). Anyway… it was fun to have all ten kids digging and carving pumpkins at the table and then chasing each other around the house! 

A little later, The Godparents (‘cause that’s what they are to Hubby) showed up, and we had snacks and sat around visiting while listening to the cousins playing in the basement!  It was quite a houseful and a perfect way to kick off this weekend!


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