Rainbow faces

I’m not sure whether to count McDonald’s with the girls as dinner or BW3 with Hubby or to just admit that I actually had TWO dinners last night! 

Last night was Paint Your Face and Silly Hair night at Awana – first, Hubby and I had to pick up my car from the shop where I had dropped it on Tuesday night thinking I would just be getting an oil change Wednesday morning.  Is it naïve of me to ever think that I will “just” be getting an oil change when I drop my car at the shop?  We use Midas for car repairs, and I love them!  They actually do a great job of keeping my very old Nissan running, but it is always a bummer to get the call saying that I need a little more work done. 

Anyway, after paying that bill, Hubby headed for church and I went home to put about 10 ponytails on K-Cat’s and Doodle’s heads which they deemed as acceptable silly hair.  We then painted each pony tail pink or blue with colored hairspray.  We added a giant star to Doodle’s face and the T&T Dog to K-Cat’s face and then loaded them both in the car.  LooHoo may be coming down with Hubby’s cold from last week so she chose to stay home from the first hour Awana. 

I dropped the girls off at church, ran in and painted Hubby’s head blue, added rainbow stripes to his cheeks and then headed back home to do a little more work before going to the second hour clubs.  Before I headed out, LooHoo helped me to paint my hair blue and pink and to add rainbow stripes (thankfully we had a face paint crayon with all six colors in one) to my WHOLE face… uff!  No, I don’t think there are any pictures available… sorry! 

After club, I took the girls home via the McDonald’s drive-through – everyone had the regular (I’m waiting for this McD’s to just add a Clever Monkey Value Dinner to their menu as we are there way too much and we always order the same things!)… this was the first of my two dinners if you consider a single hamburger and a handful of fries to be dinner. 

Then it was off to the shower!  No, I wasn’t brave enough to go to BW3 with rainbow stripes on my face and blue and pink hair.  Does it make my second dinner sound better if I call it Fourth Meal?  Hubby and I split parmesan garlic bone-in wings, fried pickles and chips and salsa – now that’s a meal!  It was a good night at bingo too as we had multiple wins at our table including the wing party at the end!  Woo hoo! 

Finally, before bed, LooHoo, who was still up at home, shared a fun series of YouTube videos she’s discovered – I think it’s called Kid’s React, but it’s pretty fun – they video tape kids watching a movie trailer or a commercial or a viral YouTube video and then ask them a bunch of questions… very funny if you have a few moments to sit watching videos!


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