Date Night

No picture again for tonight’s dinner… no good excuse except that for some reason, I can’t seem to remember to take pictures before I eat!  Hubby and I went to see Footloose tonight – not quite the same movie I remember, although a lot like the original – I guess I just remembered it being more relevant or more real or something like that… probably my age showing! 

We went to PastaZola at the mall for dinner – not bad, but not someplace I’ll be anxious to go ahead.  I had a Groupon so we decided to try it, but I think I need more than just a small container of pasta and sauce to feel like I’ve had dinner.  Then it was off to Plato’s Closet for new shoes and then Walmart for a grocery fill-in trip.  Another wonderful date night with a stop at McDonald’s for ice cream on the way home!  Have you tried their caramel apple sundae this season?  I highly recommend it! 

We came home, unloaded groceries, and then I dove back into work and finishing Awana planning.  Got the girls tucked into bed and now headed that way myself!


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