A rough week for Hubby

Okay so it’s been a few days… AGAIN!  I’m almost ready to admit that there is no way I am going to blog every day… ALMOST – but, being the eternal optimist that I am, I haven’t gotten there yet and there is that part of me who still believes I will be able to do this again either late tonight or first thing tomorrow morning! 

That being said, I’ll try to catch you up on our last week: 

Tuesday – DATE NIGHT!  Hubby and I went to see Courageous; you don’t see a lot of movies that speak directly to a dad’s emotions like that one does!  It is a lot like Fireproof in acting, but it is a very, very good story.  They actually do a good job of drawing you in.  After the movie, we went to Noodles & Co for dinner – Pad Thai for me and Stroganoff for Hubby; then we headed home to play City of Heroes with the girls. 

Wednesday – there was no Awana this week as it is MEA up here in Minnesota.  Not sure what MEA stands for, but it means teachers and students get a fall break from school (Thursday and Friday).  So, instead of Awana, we went to an Eden Prairie Freshman football game with the True Beliebers – one of their boys has played this season.  Even though his team didn’t win, it was a nice night (except for a few times when the sun ducked behind a cloud) and it was fun to catch up with our friends.  We went to Dairy Queen for dinner before spending the rest of that night at Grace sorting through closets and starting to get ready for a big event coming up in a couple of weeks. 

Thursday – because there was no school and no Awana, Hubby got to work at the corn maze!  I think he would have enjoyed it much more if he hadn’t also picked that day to come down with a monster cold.  By the time he got home, he was feeling pretty miserable.  He picked up McDonald’s for dinner for everyone on his way home and went straight to bed.  I spent the night catching up on work that didn’t get done while I had been in a training session all day. 

Applebee's on Friday night!

Friday – Hubby took the girls and went BACK to the corn maze – I’m not sure if that’s a strong work ethic or just crazy!  The girls loved being at the maze all day (well, at least the two who weren’t working did).  LooHoo had fun selling pumpkins with the True Beliebers’ daughter and even Doodle did some work helping with the giant slide!  By that night Hubby was definitely sick – they picked me up and we went to Applebee’s for dinner – 2 for $20 for LooHoo and me, Steak Burger for Hubby, and kids’ meals for K-Cat and Doodle.  I ended up going back out that night to get meds for Hubby and then sent everyone off to bed. 

Saturday dinner - a balanced meal?

Saturday – LooHoo and I worked our last corn maze shift!  It was a great day to be outside; LooHoo sold pumpkins and I worked the information booth – definitely nothing to complain about in those jobs!  Doodle came with me and was a great helper running around to ask people questions for me and managing the Paint a Pumpkin booth!  Despite having been sick all day, Hubby managed to be up when we got home for dinner – although it was apparent he didn’t feel well as dinner was chicken nuggets, fish sticks, French fries, cheese curds, Bob Evans Mac & Cheese, and bacon ranch rolls from Costco!  Lots of yummy choices, but not exactly a well-balanced or even slightly balanced meal. 

A family favorite on Sunday

Sunday – by this day, Hubby was not moving out of bed!  We loaded him up on meds and I took the girls to church.  Doodle and K-Cat had practice for the Christmas musical after service so LooHoo and I hung out and waited for them to finish – it was a good excuse to do some crocheting on K-Cat’s blanket that I started Labor Day weekend 2009!  After practice, we grabbed some lunch and headed to Target for some Halloween, family picture, and grocery shopping – gotta love stores where you can knock multiple things off of your to do list at one time!  We found wings and a wand for K-Cat’s fairy costume; LooHoo found footie pajamas for her baby costume, and we got outfits and accessories for the girls for family pictures – Jay Pea thought black, gray and red would be good picture colors, and, while I agree wholeheartedly, we don’t own very much red!  Also, I realized after I scheduled pictures that the younger girls have NO nice clothes – it’s all t-shirts, jeans, and sweats!  So… it was time to get them a couple nice outfits…  We spent the rest of the day catching up on school papers.  Hubby was finally able to get up around dinner time; I made soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone except Doodle who had a hot dog and soup instead and we spent the evening watching movies together at home. 

Monday – we had planning meetings all afternoon at work and were treated to Redstone for dinner at the end of a long day!  We started with a skillet of cornbread and appetizers – sliders, tuna, and chicken wings.  I had Grilled Meatloaf which was very good and we finished it all off with chocolate cake.  It was nice to catch up with people from work and to spend some time in a different setting with them, but it makes for a long day.  I stopped on my way home to pick up Doodle and K-Cat from Tae Kwon Do and then spent the rest of the night preparing for Awana this week.  It was nice to have Hubby up and moving around again in the land of the living with us! 

Once again, I guess it’s been a pretty busy week – funny how looking back at it helps me to realize that we really do have pretty good balance of family, school, and work time.  Now if I could just get blogging daily back into my routine…


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