A couple of quick meals

I knew I got excited a little too soon about blogging two days in a row… yesterday was another whirlwind day at the Clever Monkey house (for those who don’t already know, that’s what our last name literally means… so that’s how I’ll refer to us as a whole going forward!).  Anyway, by the time the day slowed down, I was way too exhausted to even open my computer! 

But, I’m getting ahead of myself… Sunday, LooHoo babysat again, and, while she’s enjoying the kids and the money, she is missing church on Sunday mornings – so I think she’s going to take a break and come back to where she can feel refreshed and recharged this weekend – funny how a morning with God and God’s people will do that for you! 

While LooHoo was busy working Sunday, the rest of us were playing.  It was our last Sunday with no plans in the afternoon as both of the younger girls have parts in the Christmas musical at church and will now have practice every Sunday afternoon until mid-December!  So, we took advantage of the time and make a trek down to Shakopee Goodwill to find Halloween costumes.  We also found a desk for Doodle for under $10 (gotta love Goodwill!). 

We spent the rest of our Sunday afternoon working on papers for school and editing a movie that Doodle shot over Labor Day Weekend (about time we got around to that, huh?).  A few more weeks of editing and we’ll be ready for the Premier!  Hubby made pizza for dinner and then took Doodle to Foundations class at church.  He took advantage of the class time to catch up on some work and then picked up LooHoo from babysitting and brought both girls home.  I know he’s enjoying her having extra money as she has been treating him to Wendy’s Frostys on the drives home as a thank-you for picking her up! 

K-Cat and I hung out watching Disney channel and daydreaming about our upcoming vacations and family visits that night! 

Last night was Tae Kwon Do which always means a quick dinner – Hubby made mini tacos, taquitos and refried beans.  I met my Bingo Buddy GF at the gym again to walk while the girls went to practice – it always feels good to walk for an hour and to get to hang out with a friend at the same time (AND inside where it is nice and warm on these chilly evenings)! 

As I mentioned, by the time we got home, everyone was pretty tired – the girls finished up some chores (laundry day!) and then we had quick bedtimes – no reading last night… looking forward to getting back into the swing of that tonight!  Anyway, believe it or not, I was actually in bed BEFORE 11:00 – feeling much more rested today… actually cleaned my office before I went to work this morning!  Pretty amazing!


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