Not much to tell…

Look!  Two days in a row of blogging – granted this one could be VERY short!  Dinner yesterday was leftover spaghetti – we had an event at work that I needed to stay late for which meant I didn’t get home until after 8:00.  LooHoo was babysitting for the Corn People; K-Cat and Doodle were playing Barbies and the Wii all evening; and Hubby and I watched some TV while I work on crocheting K-Cat’s blanket.  It was a very uneventful and lazy night…

Today, LooHoo and I worked at the corn maze – it was mostly a nice day to be outside.  A little windy, but the sun was out.  Hubby and the two younger girls put up Halloween decorations and raked leaves in the yard.  The house looks awesome! 

It was payday at the maze today so LooHoo and I went shopping after we got home – she bought a body pillow and a cover and a baby pillow pet.  It was nice to see her treating herself after working so hard!  We picked up Subway on our way home – it is $5 “Any”-tober after all – who doesn’t love $5 footlongs?  Hubby and LooHoo had Chicken, Bacon, Ranch toasted subs; K-Cat and Doodle split a Tuna sub; and I had a toasted Steak & Cheese sub!  Now it’s time to chase the girls off to showers and bed… sweet dreams!


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