No Pictures!

I wish I could tell you that I haven’t been writing because I’ve been on an amazing vacation without my computer or maybe that I’ve taken up the secret and mysteriously life of an undercover spy, but, unfortunately, all I can tell you is that my life is still crazy, busy, and slightly out of control!  Which, I’m pretty sure is the norm for most of us!  That being said, as always, I’ll attempt to catch up here on the last few days and will try to be better about posting… and taking pictures! 

First, to put everyone’s minds to rest, I’m feeling much better – the antibiotics appear to have done their job! 

It’s been really busy at work (which always overflows to my nights and early mornings – eating away at my blog and Facebook time), but I’ve been able to maintain pretty good balance.  I walked at the gym last Thursday night, but, for the life of me, can’t remember what we had for dinner.  You’ll notice I’ve also been very lax about taking pictures! 

Last Friday night, we had 5th & 6th Grade Bonus Night for Awana at Grace Church – that means hot dogs, chips, and drink boxes for dinner.  Like the 3rd & 4th Grade night the week before, we had good turnout – about 20 kids! 

The next day was Awana Area Leader Conference – yes, on a Saturday, and, yes, it started early.  By the time we got home, we decided that take-out pizza would be a great dinner so we ordered online from Dominos!  We had six people attend the conference from Grace which was pretty amazing and very encouraging!  I took a bunch of great notes and jotted down several new ideas for our club – some of which I’ve been able to actually look at and think about since the conference.  Most of them, however, are still in my notebook – one thing I’ve learned over time is to pick one or two really good ideas and make those changes first then move on to one or two more.  Those who’ve known me a long time will confirm that this has been a learned process for me as I used to want to implement all of the changes at one time – after all, who could pick just one or two things when there are so many good ideas! 

Sunday, LooHoo babysat all day so neither of us worked the corn maze all weekend!  It was strange not to be out there… I spent the day instead moving furniture in the family room.  This is something I tend to do at least once if not two or three times a year!  I’m not really sure why, except that I really like the change every time; plus, it’s amazing what you can find in and under your furniture!  I’m sure we ate dinner Sunday, but, again, I have no idea what we had! 

Monday was Tae Kwon Do for K-Cat and Doodle and I went back to the gym to walk again for an hour!  Was this the night we had leftovers? 

Tuesday night was date night – Hubby and I went to the movies and then out to dinner at Noodles & Company in Eden Prairie.  We then went home and played computer games with the kids for a couple of hours before bedtime! 

Wednesday was Awana again – this week started out a little crazier than normal as I realized when I got to church that I had left half of the stuff I needed at home!  That meant driving all the way home and back again – I got to club about ten minutes before it started and had to hustle to get the presentation on the screen, the quiz box out and ready, and all of the tracking forms out to the leaders… whew!  It was Parent Night, and we had a lot of parents join us which was fun, but crowded! 

As usual, dinner for the girls was McDonald’s on the drive home and Hubby and I had wings and chips at BW3.  We continued our bingo winning streak from last week through the first three rounds of bingo at BW3!  We were shut down in the final round by another group of people who are there every week – it’s not as hard to lose when you lose to regulars! 

Finally, yesterday night K-Cat and I worked on her first official paper for school – did you know 3rd graders have to write papers?  I suppose I should have as she is the fourth of my kids to go through 3rd grade!  Anyway, she wrote a good one about Tae Kwon Do Fun Night – we’ll get it up on the Clever Monkey blog site soon!  I do know that Hubby made spaghetti for dinner last night with peas and garlic bread, but, alas, no picture of that either!  

Also last night (exactly one week from my last blog post) I realized that, in my eyes, blogging is a little like parenting – not in the scope of the task or in the actual responsibility – but in that before I had a blog I used to think it would be easy to do!  The good news is that instead of blogging, as Jay Pea would say, I’ve been living!  The bad news is, I have no record of it and no one else can read about it… especially those of our family and friends who live far away and actually look forward to reading about what we are up to – so… here’s to more successful blogging in the weeks to come! 

Oh, one last thing – I’ve run out of time to actually go back and read this blog for grammar, punctuation, and word choice correction, so, my apologies if anything is askew in that area – it’s a pet peeve of mine so I’ll try to write faster in the future and leave room for proof-reading, but this time – we’re gonna have to post without proofing!


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