Another excuse…

I think I’ve figured out why it’s hard for me to update the blog on Thursdays.  See, I usually take the dinner picture and email it to myself in the evening.  Then, when I get up the next morning, I see the email of the dinner picture and it reminds me to blog.  On Wednesday nights, however, I don’t really eat dinner, per se.  We get dinner for the girls on the drive home from Awana and then Hubby and I head to BW3 for music bingo.  There, we split appetizers, but not a real dinner – so, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it! 

So, last night, we finished up Awana, and Hubby stayed late to finish up a supply order.  I took the girls through the McDonald’s drive-through on the way home.  Dinner for them was chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers, French fries, and ice cream! 

Hubby got home about 15 minutes after we did, and he and I headed out to BW3.  We added fried pickles to our “usual” order – parmesan garlic wings and chips and salsa.  We ended up getting them for free, but I’m getting ahead of myself! 

The jackpot was up to $350 and the Firefighter’s Wife said she felt lucky – so we figured maybe we would finally break our losing streak.  Well, long story short, remind me never to doubt the Firefighter’s Wife when she feels lucky!  Not only did we break our losing streak, but someone at our table won in all four rounds!  Hubby won the free appetizer – which, as I mentioned before, we used right away on fried pickles.  The Bingo Buddies won the crate of sauces and KayBee’s Hubby won the free wings. 

Okay, don’t get too excited though about our winning; we didn’t win the big money.  The jackpot round has to be won within a set number of songs.  After that, the winner gets a 50-free wing party and they add $50 to the jackpot for the next week!  So, the good news is that the Bingo Buddies also won the wings so next week, we’ll be splitting 50 free wings with our friends and competing for an even bigger win.


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