Grocery Shopping – the perfect date!

Last night was date night again!  We went out to dinner and then got to do one of my favorite things… grocery shopping!  Maybe it’s a hazard of my job – I love seeing shelf-placement, new items, and promotion pricing up close and personal or it could just be that I like the feeling of loading up the cart with all kinds of food that I can’t wait to eat!  Either way, grocery shopping with Hubby is one of my favorite ways to spend my time. 

We went to Applebee’s for dinner.  Hubby had the three-cheese chicken penne (which means we now have leftovers in the fridge – pictured here before they went in the box!) and I had the new brochette chicken – which I highly recommend!  We also split boneless Buffalo wings, because it wouldn’t be dinner at Applebee’s without those!  After dinner, we headed off to Walmart for our first stop on the grocery shopping adventure.  There’s really not much to tell – it’s not exactly an eventful date; it’s really just more satisfying for me on a personal level.  I did notice several new products, specifically from manufacturers that I work with on a regular basis.  It’s fun to see products you’ve seen and heard about actually showing up on the shelves of the grocery store and to see the point of sale materials used to call attention to them. 

From there, we headed over to Cub Foods – partly because the produce seems to be much better there and partly because we had a bunch of coupons specific to that store.  We were able to save almost $100 on that stop – pretty incredible!  I actually almost felt like one of those people on the extreme couponing show as we stood and watched the register tick down prices while our cashier scanned coupons.  Of course, we did end up paying a little more than those folks typically end up paying, but it was all worth it when we got home and loaded up the pantry and cupboards with food!  I think I might be passing my love for groceries on to the kids as everyone came into the kitchen to see what new things we found and what old favorites we bought – too funny! 

Then it was bedtime – we are trying to get back to a normal routine here.  We are however pushing the start time back just a bit to allow the girls a little more time in the evening to play and hang out as school and fall activities are in full swing.  K-Cat needed a little free reading time for school so I tucked her in, turned on the reading light, and headed out to read to Doodle while K-Cat finished her own reading.  Doodle and I are starting a new Bible-study workbook; so far so good – it has short mystery stories in it and then some word puzzles. 

Once the two little ones were down, it was time to read to LooHoo.  I’ve really missed finding out what’s going to happen next in The Hobbit and last night we got to my favorite part – okay really the only part I know anything about because it is the part that scarred me when I was younger and has prevented me from watching the movies or reading the books up to now!  Bilbo met Gollum!  He’s not quite as scary in the book as he was in the cartoon movie I watched back in the 70s, but he’s not someone I’d really want to get to know either.  It was fun reading because I got to use my squeaky, hissing, Gollum voice and say “my precious” and “pocketses” a lot!  We left Bilbo, now invisible, following Gollum back through the tunnels under the mountain – sure hope we find out soon if Bilbo get reunited with the dwarves and Gandolf again!


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