Thankful for antibiotics and Motrin

Besides the fact that the infection I had last week has now settled into my kidneys, all is well… the good news is that another round of antibiotics should take care of this!  On the downside, moving around right now is a little painful.  Never one to be slowed by… well, really by much of anything… I did hit the gym again last night but this time walking very slowly and for only about 45 minutes – thankful again for Motrin! 

Hubby made hash browns and hamburger hot dish – a personal favorite (how can you not LOVE anything made with hash browns?) with French fries, beans, and garlic bread!  Yes, it may look a little like carb-loading, but when you’re not feeling 100% and you’re planning to walk a couple of miles, it’s a great meal to help you get a quick boost of energy (I wonder if there is any science behind that or if it’s all in my head?). 

K-Cat and Doodle went to the Bingo Buddies’ house for a sleepover after Tae Kwon Do, and LooHoo (who had joined us for the workout) and I went home by way of Walgreen’s.  We picked up frozen strawberry fruit bars (YUM!) while we were there as well as my new meds.  When we got home, Hubby was waiting to help LooHoo work on Algebra.  It’s time for tests to begin already – hard to believe we are in the 5th week of school already this year!  When they finished that, we watch a couple of TV shows we had recorded and then everyone headed off to bed.  Overall, a pretty uneventful and even a little laid back night at our house – we need those once in a while!


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