The week in review

Okay, so I think this is the longest I’ve gone without blogging since I started… needless to say, things are a little crazier than normal.  I wonder how many times I’ve said that?  Are they really crazier than normal or are they always crazy and sometimes I just cope better? 

A quick recap of last week – Tuesday night, Hubby and I had date night at McDonald’s – no, not fancy, but still just the two of us and a chance to evaluate and revise our big January family vacation plans!  Wednesday night was Awana and BW3 – that easily kept us running from 4:30 to midnight.  Hubby picked up McDonald’s for the kids on our drive home, and he and I ate later at BW3 (no big winners this week).  Thursday night I worked until about 6:30, came home to change clothes and then headed over to the gym (woo hoo!).  I worked out with Bingo Buddy GF while the kids did Tae Kwon Do.  Dinner for me was leftover lasagna and garlic bread.  Good, but I missed eating with the family!  Friday night was Bonus Night for T&T 3rd & 4th Grade at Awana.  We had about 25 kids show up to say verses, complete sections, and earn tickets for hot dogs, chips, and drink boxes (turned out to be a pretty good dinner for me, too) and to play dodge ball, kickball, and video games – it was a lot of fun.  I think every kid completed 3 or 4 sections on average! 

When the weekend finally arrived, LooHoo and I headed out to the corn maze Saturday morning.  It was a great day to be out there – a little chilly in the morning, but it warmed up and turned into a perfect fall day.  That night, as expected, we were exhausted!  Hubby warmed up leftovers for everyone and we gathered around the TV to watch another recorded Harry Potter – we’re up to Prisoner of Azkaban (the third movie).  It was strange because I realized about a quarter of the way into it that I’ve seen this one before – still trying to figure out when I would have watched it and with whom!  Anyway, we turned it off at about 9 p.m. and chased the kids off to bed so that everyone would be well rested for church on Sunday. 

Whew!  It’s pretty exhausting just looking back at our busy week all over again… Sunday was much more relaxing – we went to church then LooHoo met the Bingo Buddies and headed out to the corn maze, and the rest of us went to lunch.  Hubby and the younger girls spent the afternoon cleaning the girls’ room and the downstairs family room and watching football while I finished up Awana planning for this week.  Right before dinner, we rounded everyone up and headed over to Valleyfair – there are not many weekends left before it is closed again for the season.  They are in the middle of Valley Scare right now which means that it gets pretty gruesome over there around 7 p.m. on Sundays (from what I’ve heard anyway – definitely NOT brave enough to check it out after dark!).  During the day, however, they have a lot of fun, kid-friendly things going on.  We rode our favorite roller coaster – High Roller, did some kid crafts, and walked down Trick-or-Treat street so the girls could get some candy and practice saying “Trick-or-Treat”!  After that, we hit McDonald’s again for dinner. 

LooHoo came home around 8 p.m., took a shower, and then took me on a date to see Dolphin Tale – I highly recommend this movie!  It could definitely have been longer as I feel it jumps to the next scene pretty quickly, but it is very interesting and fun.  I can’t wait to get online now and!


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