Thoroughly exhausted in a great way!

Being outside at the corn maze all day was just as wonderful as I expected it to be!  The sun was shining but it was definitely fall weather.  I got to stand near the corn roaster all day which kept the area I was in just warm enough to not be bothered when a cool wind would blow through – not to mention I got to enjoy the smell of roasted corn all day!  Plus, I got to hang out with LooHoo off and on throughout the day – an all around great Sunday. 

Of course, on the downside, by the time we got home at 7:30, we were both pretty wiped out… Hubby heated up frozen pizza, boiled some corn (fresh from the maze), and sliced some home-grown tomatoes for dinner.  We all parked ourselves around the TV with our plates to watch the end of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  We recorded it on DVR sometime this summer; when the last movie came out, the TV station ran a marathon of all of the movies, and we’ve never seen them so we recorded them all.  Anyway, we had started watching this one some time ago and finally had a moment to sit down as a family long enough to watch the end.  Can’t say it was the greatest movie I’ve ever seen, but the story twists and turns enough to keep you engaged and guessing. 

I have to admit, I was surprised when the movie ended and it was only 9:00 – because it totally felt like 11 to me!  I think it was not only that I had been up late on Saturday night and then been outside all day Sunday, but I’m noticing that it is much darker now at 9:00 than it’s been in quite a while!  Anyway, I got K-Cat and Doodle tucked into bed with both of them working on Awana verses then came back upstairs to chase LooHoo off to bed – I don’t think I’ve seen her this tired in some time.  She was definitely looking forward to sleeping in when I turned off her lights! 

I tried to watch a little bit of the Colts football game with Hubby (at least I think it was the Colts – that’s how tired I was!) – but as I sat there drifting off to sleep, I decided it was a better idea to just go to bed!  I wonder who won the game?


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