Macaroni & Cheese Pizza and new belts!

They did it!  Both K-Cat and Doodle earned their Red/Brown belts in Tae Kwon Do – if you remember from last Saturday, we were pretty nervous about how it would turn out as K-Cat, who had broken every board in all of her practices, wasn’t able to break both boards in testing… she was so relieved when they called her name for the next level belt!  The other exciting news is that, in addition to our girls moving up a level, their two friends who were also red belts made it – TKD and Spiderman’s son (we’ll call him that because his dad, who also does Tae Kwon Do, has always reminded us of Peter Parker from the Spiderman movies). 

But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves!  The day started early with me driving LooHoo to meet the Bingo Buddies at their son’s football game – who knew they played football at 8:00 in the morning!?  Talk about a rough way to wake up!  It was fun to be on the field on a nice crisp fall morning and it was interesting to watch the boys play – a little scary to watch how hard they hit each other… thank you, God, again for all girls!  Our meeting them, however, was primarily to drop LooHoo off as she was going to ride with them to work – it turned out to be a great day at the corn maze and LooHoo even got a little sunburn on her cheeks and ears! 

Now, back to Tae Kwon Do… after practice, to celebrate, we went to Pizza Ranch in Waconia!  You really just can’t beat a buffet that includes chicken, mashed potatoes, AND pizza – not just normal boring pizza, but taco, BLT, buffalo chicken, and macaroni & cheese pizza!  We ate way too much and then headed home for naps, laundry, and hanging out! 

Jay Pea took Doodle out on a date after showing me my new favorite website – Pinterest!  If you’re not familiar with it, it is a site that allows you to “bookmark” with pictures and tags other sites that you like.  It’s like having a bulletin board on your computer with fun pictures and quotes that you can share with your friends or comment on for others to see.  You can also click on the pictures and quotes to go to the original source site for additional information – great for recipes, craft ideas, decorating and fashion inspiration, and, I’m sure, plenty of other things I haven’t figured out yet!  So, I spent a couple of hours (okay, maybe four in total yesterday) browsing and pinning! 

Hubby made dinner last night – parmesan chicken with chicken bowtie pasta, garlic bread, and, yes, we finally ate the chocolate pie!  It was all delicious – I can’t remember the brands for the two chicken dishes, but they are both family favorites from the freezer section in the grocery store!  After dinner, and when LooHoo got home from work, we headed outside for a bonfire in the backyard – this is turning out to be a favorite fall activity as there are no bugs and it’s cool enough out that that it feels great to sit around the fire and visit for an hour or so – it was nice to have all six of us together, even briefly.  When we were all sufficiently smoky, full of s’mores, and the fire had started to die down, we came back inside to wind down our evening and get everyone into bed.  It was a great day – one of those that seems to go on forever in a very good way!


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