Jay Pea came home late last night!  Now if only we can get all six of us to be in the house at one time this weekend…  Last night, Hubby took Doodle out on a date for dinner, a movie, and shopping.  They went to Justice to spend a birthday gift card – Doodle got two shirts and a pair of cute sweat pants!  Then it was off to dinner and a movie; they saw Dolphin Tale and they both gave it thumbs up. 

Meanwhile, back at the house, LooHoo, K-Cat, and I had leftovers and heated up frozen dinners (not very glamorous, but still dinner!) – Smart Ones Shrimp Marinara for me and Banquet Chicken Fingers for K-Cat.  Not sure what LooHoo ended up eating – good thing she’s old enough to fend for herself on these types of dinner nights! 

We didn’t want to eat too much because we had big plans for dessert and late-night appetizers with Jay Pea.  So, after dinner, K-Cat and I dove right into making our chocolate pie – the filling tasted incredible, but we were able to stop ourselves from eating too much of it!  After the pie was in the fridge, we got a call from one of the younger girls’ friends – let’s call her TKD as she’s a good friend from Tae Kwon Do – anyway, TKD wanted to know if K-Cat and Doodle could sleepover! 

Well, talk about a tough decision – who wants to miss the chance to sleep at a friend’s house?  So, even though the girls were very anxious to share pie and appetizers with Jay Pea, they decided they wanted to go to TKD’s house for the night.  Of course, they did make us promise that we’d save the pie until they were home and that they could hang out with Jay Pea Saturday night!  So TKD and her mom came over and picked them up – I’m not sure how many stuffed animals they actually each took with them, but I’m pretty sure they had more than they needed! 

Jay Pea finally got home – darn those friends who love her at school and wanted to have Friday night dinner with her – and we headed out to Applebee’s celebrate her homecoming!  Speaking of which, last night was Chanhassen High School’s homecoming game so Applebee’s was much more crowded than we expected to find it at 11:00 at night!  Luckily, there was an open table for us.  After a round of Buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, and quesadillas, the clock struck midnight and the van in the parking lot threatened to turn into a pumpkin if we didn’t head home right away – not to mention all of us were starting to think about resting our heads on the table. 

Everyone headed off to bed as soon as we got home – it was nice to turn out the lights and see our two oldest girls sleeping in the same room again… funny how life keeps changing!


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