A whirlwind week…

It’s time to get back to it, huh?  This week I’ve learned that keeping a daily blog may be nearly impossible during some weeks of my live!  BUT, never fear, I will continue to take pictures and will continue to update as often as I can during the crazier than normal times…  it may mean a few longer than normal blogs as I attempt to catch up! 

Monday night, we had pizza at home – no idea what brand.  While I’m not a huge fan of frozen pizza (for those smarty pants out there – no, we didn’t eat it frozen!), the cheeseburger one is actually pretty good!  And, they are quick and easy to make which is sometimes exactly what we need at our house.  After dinner, Hubby took the girls to Tae Kwon Do where he learned that they wouldn’t find out how they did on belt testing until much later in the week.  I stayed home and finished up planning for Awana as I knew Tuesday would not leave any free time for that! 

Tuesday night, I rushed home from work – actually met Hubby and K-Cat along the way to trade vehicles as they were headed northwest to meet Nana and Grandpa and pick up Doodle!  When I got home, LooHoo jumped in the van and we headed downtown to the state fair.  Yes, we know it ended several weeks ago, but United Way and the ARC were having a fall clothing sorting event that we had volunteered to help with.  We made a quick stop at Chipotle for a burrito and chips (LooHoo chose soft tacos) – I still say you can’t beat Chipotle carnitas!  It was a weird feeling driving on the state fairgrounds – like driving into a deserted ghost town.  To top the feeling, it was cloudy, gray, and very windy – something straight out of a spooky movie! 

We found our way to the right building and joined about 50 other people who had signed up to work for three hours.  It was really fun – they had loud music and snacks, and LooHoo and I really liked looking at all of the different clothes people had donated.  We learned that there are four ARC Value Village locations in the Minneapolis area and that they make most of their money in the fall, especially right around Halloween.  There were a lot of fun costumes to sort and tag and tons of kids’ clothes!  Because there were so many people helping, however, the work was finished in just about an hour which meant we were done long before expected. 

We stopped on the way home to get ingredients for chocolate pie – I’ve been telling the girls all about this wonderful dessert that my best friend from my early high school years (we’ll call her Glitter and she’ll know exactly why!) and I used to make.  Well, technically, she used to make and I used to watch – sometimes I would hold the hand mixer!  We are hoping to make one this weekend – keep your fingers crossed that it turns out well!  We also rented Something Barrowed from Redbox – I’m still not sure what I think of the overall messages in that one!  Cute story, but our heroine makes some very poor and, in my opinion, very selfish choices. 

Wednesday night I didn’t actually eat “dinner” per se.  I left work and went straight to Grace Church for Awana.  It was a fun-filled, crazy night that flew by!  From what I hear, our final count for the night was over 850 people (adults and clubbers)!  I’m anxious to get the count from the group that I am co-leading… it sure seemed like a lot of kids.  After club, we headed home with a stop at McDonald’s to feed the girls – Hubby and I snacked on some French fries while we visited with them about their night.  The manager on duty at McDonald’s got very excited when she saw everyone’s Awana uniforms and wanted to know where she could take her four kids to be part of this program as she had been in Awana growing up and had been looking for a club in the area!  God works in amazing ways… 

After dinner, we took the girls home, changed clothes and headed out to BW3… unfortunately, our bingo host was sick this week, so there was no music bingo!  We ordered some wings and other appetizers and visited with friends about our night, upcoming events and vacations, and other random topics.  The good news when there is no bingo is that we get home a little earlier than a typical Wednesday night so we were in bed long before midnight! 

Yesterday, I woke up not feeling 100% but facing a very busy workday and a team outing.  So, I loaded up on Motrin and headed off to work.  By the end of the day, I realized I definitely needed antibiotics (there are some things you catch and you know exactly what they are!).  So, I stopped at urgent care on the drive home, confirmed my suspicions of infection, stopped at the pharmacy for meds, and headed home to eat dinner.  Hubby made an incredible pork roast with baked potatoes, peas, biscuits and salad – he really is a great cook!  The pork was beyond description yummy and, even though I wasn’t feeling well, I had a second helping! 

After dinner, I drove the girls to Tae Kwon Do (Hubby picked them up later) then came home and went to bed – after 12 hours of sleep, I’m feeling much better this morning and am excited to start the weekend!


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