25 years? Really?

Twenty-five years ago sounds like a really long time, and, in truth, it really is a lifetime ago.  However, it doesn’t sound quite so long ago when you say 1986 – at least not to me.  Funny how the year itself doesn’t sound that far in the past, but when you count up the years that have actually gone by… well, it’s definitely been a few years!  Why all this looking back?  Last night I was at a 25th Anniversary dinner for the girls’ Tae Kwon Do organization.  The event was held at the Minnetonka Country Club; dinner was prime rib for the adults and chicken fingers for the kids followed by marble sheet cake for dessert. 

K-Cat, Doodle, and I started getting dressed-up around 5:45 so we could leave the house by 6:30 – crimping irons were heated, make-up dug out, dresses and heals put on… it was quite the production!  The dinner started at 7, and we got there with a few minutes to mingle before the invocation.  After dinner, there were a lot of certificates and recognitions to be handed out to leaders.  The night ended with a video of pictures of kids and adults who have been in the program in the last 25 years.  It was fun for the girls to see what some of their leaders looked like “way back then”! 

After the dinner, we took our commemorative mugs and headed home to visit with Nana and Grandpa who came to visit us for the weekend.  I finished up more plans for Awana while we all watched TV and chatted in the living room.  With busy schedules planned for Saturday, it was soon time for everyone to head for bed.  Hmm…  think someone could slow down the next 25 years for me?


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