Ice Cream for dinner?

As dinner time rolled around yesterday, Hubby and I figured that since we had done such a good job eating at home this week everyone deserved dinner out.  Our first choice was Sonic Drive-In which we really enjoy but which requires us to drive about 30 minutes in late-day traffic in order to eat there.  Unfortunately, because, like most families with kids, our schedule stays pretty full, we had to be done eating by 5:30 to have K-Cat and Doodle in Tae Kwon Do uniforms and ready for practice by 6:30.  As I didn’t get done working until late, that meant there was no time for Sonic.  So, our second choice?  Burger King! 

You can assume from the picture, which is not food, that I was too hungry to take the couple extra seconds to photograph my Whopper Jr. (no mayo) and onion rings before I ate them!  Doodle, who reminded us again last night that she doesn’t like “anything” at Burger King, had an ice cream cone for dinner and everyone else had their favorite burgers and fries. 

Burger King must know that it is getting cold outside and maybe they are desperate to sell a few more summer treats before the snow flies because we got coupons for buy one, get one free ice cream cones with our meal.  Of course, as Doodle had already eaten her cone, she decided French fries would make a nice dessert.  That’s how I got the small bag – one value-size fries to go and three ice cream cones.  LooHoo didn’t want one (she actually ended up sharing mine – which is a good thing as I’m not a huge fan of ice cream, but sometimes I want one anyway and then someone else has to finish it for me!). 

After dinner, we ran home, so the girls could put on uniforms and then Hubby drove them to practice.  I hit the computer to work on Awana plans (again!).  This ended up being the bulk of my evening with the exception of a break to pick the girls up from practice and then another break to tuck Doodle and K-Cat into bed.  LooHoo got to stay up to watch a couple of TV show premieres that we recorded this week; not sure there are going to be many shows worth watching this year!


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