A whirlwind of activity

It was a typical school-year Wednesday night at our house with non-stop action from dinner to bedtime.  Hubby had to work all afternoon so dinner fell to me to prepare – let me remind you, this is not my strong suit.  Not that I can’t cook, I just do it so rarely that when I have to, I find myself looking for the easy out – especially if I’ve forgotten that it will be my responsibility until the actual meal is upon us!  Lucky for me, Hubby keeps the house well-stocked with things the girls actually like to eat because we do have some choosy (our nice word for picky) eaters at our home. 

K-Cat and Doodle hit the freezer in the garage and found a couple of Banquet frozen dinners – chicken strips with macaroni and cheese and a brownie and chicken nuggets with corn and macaroni and cheese; LooHoo said she would wait to eat until we got to church as the senior high group is doing dinner now for the kids who get there early.  The senior high menu last night included chili which LooHoo typically really likes.  I opted for an egg white “southern” omelet – stuffed with leftover chicken, salsa, a little cheese and light sour cream – very tasty and filling as I used six eggs! 

After dinner, it was time to head off for church – Awana registration night and senior high program kick-off.  Registration was a whirlwind – we won’t know for sure for a couple of days how many people were there or how many kids registered, but I think we gave out close to 100 uniforms for 5th & 6th grade!  The three hours from set-up to tear-down flew by.  Of course, after “official” tear-down, we stayed and put inventory back in closets and helped get a few things done to prepare for the next Awana night. 

When that was sufficiently done and the number of people in the church had dwindled significantly, the girls and I headed home, leaving Hubby to finish submitting orders and organizing paperwork.  Everyone thought a late dessert sounded like a good idea (go figure!) and LooHoo confessed that she really didn’t eat much chili, and she was a little hungry.  So, we swung through the McDonald’s drive through for an ice cream cone, a snack-size M&M McFlurry, and a double cheeseburger. 

Hubby got home shortly after we did and there was just enough time to change clothes and head back out to get a table for late-night appetizers and music bingo with friends!  If you recall, he won the 50-free wing party last week so, of course we were a little more excited than usual (if that’s possible) to get there.  We ordered a mix of our favorite flavors all boneless style – Parmesan Garlic, Spicy Garlic, Asian Zing, and Teriyaki.  Of course, we had a side of chips and salsa to start with – the night wouldn’t be the same without these to munch on during the game. 

We love it when our other friends join us and this week a friend who’s never come before beat us there – we’ll call her KayBee.  I think I heard her mention that she might be back so I’m assuming she had a good time (how could she not!).  As for winning, as a table we only took home one game this week; I won the six free wings!  Lucky for us the night is not judged on what we win; that’s just the bonus to getting to spend a few hours in the middle of week hanging out with good friends and eating wings!


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