Tuesday night is supposed to be date night, and this week it actually was!  Hubby and I went to Buca di Beppo in Eden Prairie.  We got there pretty early – right around 5 p.m. so there was no wait to be seated.  There also were very few people competing for our server so we got a lot of prompt attention.  We ordered our favorite Buca meal – pepperoni pizza!  It’s a little greasy, but the thin crust and giant pepperonis are wonderful, and it’s big enough that we can bring half of it home!  It was nice to get a break in our week to actually sit down face-to-face with just the two of us to catch up on what’s happening. 

We got home in plenty of time to edit K-Cat’s and Doodle’s posts for the new blog we have started for school.  The plan is that, a couple times a week, I will give the girls a writing prompt to write something either fiction or non-fiction.  I will work with them to develop their writing structure, grammar, spelling, etc., and then we will post the finished product to their blog for family and friends to see how their writing improves over the year.  So far we’re off to a good start with each of the girls having one entry! 

By the time we finished editing, it was time for bed.  K-Cat and I got through another chapter of Anne of Green Gables – in case you know the story (I’ve actually read the first half of this book before), we’re at the part where Marilla accuses Anne of stealing her amethyst brooch and Anne almost misses the Sunday School picnic and her first taste of ice cream! 

After prayers with K-Cat, Doodle and I cut handles for a couple more bags; I ironed and she sewed.  It is nice to have a set amount of time to work on projects – neither of us burns out that way!  We got her tucked in and I settled in with LooHoo and The Hobbit.  We know now for sure that Bilbo was going to go on an adventure, and we have just witnessed three nasty trolls being turned to stone by the morning light!  Who knew that sunshine turned trolls to stone?  Not us! 

Once all of the girls were tucked in, Hubby and I continued date night in the living room catching up on TV episodes from some of our favorite shows.  I was a great night for all of us to re-connect with each other before heading into several busy days ahead!


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