Relaxing and reflecting

After a long lazy day recuperating from the big sleepover, Hubby took the girls to Valleyfair for the evening last night and I stayed home to catch up on email and work on Awana plans for the fall.  It was a good feeling to get organized again… let’s hope I can stay this way for a while! 

Dinner was fried ham, egg whites, and toast – quick, easy, and yummy.  Hubby fed the girls at McDonald’s on the way home from the amusement park and then picked up a Redbox movie for us to watch before bed.  It was a nice relaxing evening! 

Dinner tonight was fried chicken and mashed potatoes from Cub Foods – again, nice and easy.  Everyone ate at their own time since we spent most of the day snacking at our big fall kick-off event at church. 

Tonight, probably like a lot of people across the country, the girls and I have spent the evening watching 9/11 memorial programming on TV and talking about what we remember from this day in 2001.  It’s interesting to hear different perspectives and to think about how the world has changed, especially hearing our kids’ memories as they were very young in 2001.  Hubby, of course, has avoided this exercise as Sunday football officially began this weekend!  He has been camped out in the downstairs playroom watching the evening’s games. 

One thing I keep thinking about in watching all of these memorial shows is how 9/11 will likely become a story like Pearl Harbor stories.  Those directly affected and those who were old enough to remember it happening will always remember the feeling and the shock, but those of us who didn’t live it can’t really grasp the impact of it because the change that happened in the world after the attack has always been the norm for us.  It is also an interesting feeling when events that happen in your lifetime begin showing up in your kids’ history textbooks!


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