Happy Birthday, Doodle

First, let me start again by saying – No, this is not a picture of dinner… it’s actually breakfast this morning.  We have had a house full of 10- to 12-year-old girls since about 6 p.m. last night celebrating Doodle’s birthday.  We painted nails, played Kinnect Dance Central, had nachos, birthday cake, M&Ms, and popcorn, and watched the Justin Bieber movie.  This morning we had waffles, cleaned the house, and went out for a “celebrity” photo shoot at U-Click Studios in Chanhassen.  It’s definitely been an event-filled 18 hours! 

Last night’s dinner was leftovers and hot dogs before the crowd showed up.  All told, we had 12 girls here by lights-out at 12:30 a.m.  Doodle loved being surrounded by her friends, and I think everyone had a good time… we started out with a “test” about Doodle – people had to figure out things like her favorite color, where she was born, what her dog’s name is, etc.  For their effort the winners all got “diamond” rings.  We then moved on to painting fingernails – a favorite activity at our house – and especially fun with new crackle nail polish and nail art pens! 

After that it was time for presents and birthday cake.  Doodle opened her gifts in the TV room and then blew out her candles in the dining room.  The girls tried to eat in the garage, but, unfortunately, the mosquitoes were pretty bad so everyone ended up in the kitchen dining area on the floor – luckily we had moved the table to the garage before the party started. 

After cake, it was time for a dance-off!  Everyone picked a partner to dance against and we set up a tournament board to keep track of the winners who all got “superstar” sunglasses to help them hide from the paparazzi!  By the time the dancing was over, it was time for more food – we had design-your-own nachos with cheese, salsa, sour cream, and seasoned chicken.  It was a big hit; the girls also had Gatorade to help them refuel after all that crazy dancing! 

The girls then headed off to put on pajamas and spread out sleeping bags on the TV room floor.  We put in the Justin Bieber movie (the director’s cut) and turned the lights down.  If you haven’t seen this movie, let me tell you that it is a good movie but it is probably much more entertaining to watch it with pre-teen girls!  During the movie, we snacked on M&Ms and popcorn and played with glow bracelets (my favorite sleep-over toy).  The movie ended at midnight, and, believe it or not, all of the girls were asleep by 1 a.m.! 

Morning came early as the alarm went off at 7:30 and I had to get up to make sure everyone had breakfast before we headed out for our photo shoot.  LooHoo played the role of “professional” photographer and I think we got some pretty good shots – the plan is to make a photo CDs for all of Doodle’s friends!  Hopefully we’ll get that done before we get too busy with the next big event. 

All of the girls have now been picked up and it seems extremely quiet here!  Time to figure out what we are going to do for the rest of our Saturday… maybe a nap?


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