Fall is HERE!

So, today is Thursday which means I need to blog for Wednesday and Thursday as I’ve already explained that there will likely be no blog updates on Wednesday nights!  Hubby made dinner at home again last night and tonight – I don’t think we’ve eaten at home this many times in a row in a long time!  Last night was BBQ Ribs, mashed potatoes, peas and biscuits and tonight was quesadillas, refried beans, Spanish rice, and tortilla chips; I get hungry again just thinking about it! 

Last night, LooHoo and Doodle had to babysit; we dropped them off and Hubby, K-Cat and I hit the clearance sales looking for patio furniture.  We’ve finally decided that instead of re-building our back deck next spring, we are going to tear it off, add steps to the ground level and build a large patio.  This will fit our family better than having a deck.  So, we’ve been trying to stock up now on end of the season sales for things we need for next spring. 

After shopping, we picked the girls up from babysitting and headed home to Skype with Jay Pea – sounds like her school year is off to a great start!  We had just enough time to catch up on the highlights before it was time to change clothes and get ready to head out to BW3.  It was another fun night – was there any doubt?  Our table won twice! 

Tonight, K-Cat and Doodle had Tae Kwon Do so as soon as dinner was over LooHoo and I headed out to drop them off.  We ran a couple errands on the way home including returning a Redbox movie and library books and stopping at Starbucks for a little after dinner treat!  I noticed Pumpkin Spice Latte is back – of course, I noticed it on my way OUT of Starbucks!  At least I know what I’ll be having next time I’m in there. 

Football starts again tonight so after I pick up the girls, we’ll all be parked in the family room watching the Packers beat the Saints – the signs have all aligned and fall is officially back!


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