New routines for bedtime

The first day of school ended well with everyone being able to log into all of their classes, except K-Cat who couldn’t log into Spanish class.  Don’t worry though; Doodle helped her to learn some basics from her own Spanish class!  So, in the midst of “Como esta usted?” and “Mi nombre es…” last night, we spent most of the evening eating pizza and watching a movie. 

Hubby picked up Papa Murphy’s regular cheese and DeLite pepperoni pizzas which went very well with a side of mixed veggies for dinner.  He also rented Prom (Disney) from Redbox; this, of course, was a hit in a house full of girls! 

With earlier school night bedtimes, the evenings go very fast now.  K-Cat and I are reading the “sideways school” book – drawing a complete blank on the title now, but if you are familiar with it, you’ll know!  Once she is tucked in then Doodle has her time.  She decided that instead of reading she wants to work on crafts with me.  This is actually a very good thing as we had to move the sewing machine and various fabrics to the downstairs playroom to claim back our dining room.  By working on these things at bedtime, we get dedicated time to focus on the many projects she has going! 

LooHoo gets tucked in last; she decided that we needed to pick a “real” book to read at bedtime – so, we’ve settled on The Hobbit.  Neither of us have read it before!  So far, it is very entertaining as a “throng” of dwarves have just shown up at Bilbo’s home… we can’t wait to read again to hear about why they are there!  If you know why, don’t spoil it for us!  It definitely helps LooHoo look forward to bedtime a little bit more when we leave off in the middle of a chapter, and it’s teaching us patience, right?


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