A long relaxing weekend

After an incredibly fun Labor Day weekend, it was an early bed night around our house – not to mention everyone had to be ready for school in the morning!  We had a quick dinner of Raviolis and sandwiches and then started our school year bedtime routine – reading and prayers with K-Cat followed by reading and prayers with Doodle and finally reading and prayers with LooHoo.  The whole thing takes about an hour, but it’s so worth it to have time with the girls to catch up at night. 

It was a long, wonderful, relaxing weekend – Friday started with a visit to the state fair complete with fresh French fries, hot dish on a stick, pronto dogs (like corn dogs but with flour instead of corn), snow cones, Sweet Martha’s cookies, and all you can drink milk – which turned out to be two cups each!  We then pointed the minivan toward Wisconsin and the Grace Church Retreat Center where we met up with the True Beliebers and the Bingo Buddies and their families.  Our kids spent the evening in the swimming pool while the grown-ups sat on the pool deck visiting.  We were in charge of dinner Friday night so we treated everyone to Skyline chili 3-ways with oyster crackers.  There were mixed reviews, but everyone found something to eat. 

Saturday brought a little cooler weather, but it didn’t stop the kids from getting in the pool.  We spent most of the day on the big porch swing reading, walking the trails, and hanging out by the pool.  Saturday dinner was Sloppy Joe’s and white corn (Amaize!), and we closed out the night with a campfire and roasted marshmallows. 

By Sunday morning, fall had definitely moved in!  I got up early and worked on email and organizing pictures before too many people were moving around.  The Firefolk showed up mid-morning, and, once again, the day was spent reading on the porch, swinging in the swing, and lounging by the pool.  I did manage to leave my watch on the dresser all day and not worry about what time it was!  A true sign of vacation! 

Hubby and I ventured into the little town nearby before dinner to check out the local sights and sounds.  We took a bunch of pictures of the lake and train tracks and even stopped for ice cream and seven-layer bars at a cute little bakery.  I found a big piece of driftwood that I didn’t even know I needed, but, once found, I decided I could surely find a place for it somewhere around the house – besides it fit nicely into the back of the van. 

Back at the Farm, the True Beliebers had to say good-bye and head home as they had plans on Monday.  We all enjoyed dinner together before they left – shrimp boil with potatoes, corn, and onions – very yummy!  The Bingo Buds oldest son made homemade cookies for us, and we spent the rest of that night playing cards while the kids watched movies. 

By the time Monday morning rolled around, I wasn’t even sure where my watch was!  The morning and early afternoon were spent laying on the pool deck trying to soak up the last of the summer rays and working on K-Cat’s new blanket that I’ve been crocheting since last year at this time… one of the nice things about working on a blanket is being able to cover up with it when the sun ducks behind a cloud!  Unfortunately, the weekend had to come to an end; so, after lunch we packed up, cleaned up, took a few last pictures and pointed the cars toward home. 

I think I am finally beginning to feel ready for fall schedules and the first day of school now that the first day is actually over!  But, I’ll catch everyone up on tonight’s happenings in tomorrow’s blog… here’s to friends, family, and vacations!


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