A birthday dinner and a new smell…

Yesterday was Doodle’s birthday so she got to pick where we went for dinner; her choice?  Tino’s in Minnetonka!  If you haven’t been there, the pizza is New York style thin crust and very good.  The restaurant, on the other hand, is VERY small.  Our family of five takes up nearly the entire eating area; of course, we also brought Doodle’s presents so we needed even more of their space. 

After dinner, we had planned to go to the State Fair, but with temperatures over 90 and very high humidity, we decided it was best to put that trip off until cooler weather blows in!  Instead, we figured it was a good night to run some errands – we had groceries that needed buying and Kohl’s bonus bucks that needed spending.  Doodle and K-Cat opted out of shopping.  The call of playing with the new birthday gifts was just too great.  So, we dropped them at the house and then headed out to Walmart and Kohl’s. 

We finished up pretty quickly at Walmart as most of what we needed there was not what I categorize as “fun shopping” – pretty much all fill-in groceries to get us through Labor Day weekend!  From there, it was a short drive to Kohl’s at the Eden Prairie Mall – the goal, new cologne for Hubby as he just ran out of my favorite.  While this sounds like a shopping trip that shouldn’t take very long, on the contrary, it is quite an event – the issue?  I believe it is two-fold:  my tastes seem to change in what fragrance I like best and those darn manufacturers keep coming out with new smells! 

We entered the fragrance aisle undaunted by the large number of choices and I began smelling tester nozzles (luckily there were very few shoppers at Kohl’s)!  I found a couple that I liked, and Hubby, who’s been through this routine before, offered his arms for testing.  After eight options on his arms, I added three more to his neck; let them all “settle” and began smelling…  You may be asking, “Why don’t you use the papers that are there for testing?”  My answer – things smell different on paper than they do on people!  AND… what fun would that be? 

So, how did this all turn out?  Well, it was easy to rule out about half of the smells; the rest I had to sniff several times before settling on one that I kept coming back to as my favorite… the funny thing is it happened to be the first one we sprayed!  After all this, the good news is that Hubby has a new signature fragrance… I’m sure he’s thrilled!  It’s a very good thing he’s tolerant and not easily embarrassed!


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