A sign of things to come

Yesterday evening was a whirlwind of activity and a sign of what our Wednesday nights will look like this school year!  Dinner was, once again, a variety of grazing opportunities.  I went straight home from work to pick up the girls and head for church.  We went through the drive-throughs at Taco Bell and at Wendy’s – as they are both on the way, it is really not worth making the girls pick just one!  LooHoo and Doodle had 5-Layer Burritos at Taco Bell and Doodle had a cheese roll-up.  K-Cat went for the Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger from Wendy’s.  LooHoo and I also tried Taco Bell’s new Chicken Flatbread Sandwich – I highly recommend this!  It was spicy and cheesy and very tasty.  LooHoo and K-Cat both took advantage of the stop at Wendy’s to also get Jr. Frosty’s – one chocolate and one vanilla, of course! 

We made it to church in time for our planning meeting to begin and spent a couple of hours getting ready for this fall’s Wednesday night programming and snacking on cookies.  After the meeting, Hubby took K-Cat and Doodle home by way of the grocery store for milk and other necessities and LooHoo and I made a Starbucks run as she was dying to break-in a gift card she had recently received!  She got her favorite Double Chocolate Chip Frappacino and I went with my usually non-fat Caramel Macchiato. 

We had just enough time after that to drop the girls at home before heading out for late night appetizers with friends.  If you recall, last Wednesday, The Firefighter won 50-free wings last week, so we had quite the feast with a variety of boneless wings – Parmesan Garlic, Captain Morgan, Spicy Garlic and Teriyaki.  I have to say, my favorite is definitely still the Parmesan Garlic!  It turned out to be a good night for music bingo as our table won two of the four prizes – a very fun way to end a very busy night!


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