A quiet day…

Truth be told, I didn’t do much yesterday as I was a little obsessed with watching coverage of Hurricane Irene as it moved up the East Coast – pretty amazing!  I am thankful that we no longer having family living in Newport News and grateful that our friends in the coastal states weathered the storm well.  God’s power is truly amazing! 

Saturday was a lazy day at our house…  Hubby had a Fantasy Football draft early leaving K-Cat, Doodle and I hanging around the house.  We made chili dogs for lunch and all three of us watched a couple episodes of Room Crashers and Run My Makeover on HGTV – a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. 

Hubby got home around 5 and made another wonderful dinner – fish filets and Costco chicken rolls with lots of veggies and rice and French fries.  Can you tell we have picky eaters at our house?  Because of that we sometimes get a lot of variety at one meal! 

After dinner, K-Cat and Doodle went over to the playground for a while – it was such a beautiful evening!  When they got home, we Skyped with Jay Pea and got to hear all about her busy week and her weekend plans.  We finished out the evening planning for Doodle’s upcoming 11th birthday party and making invitations – it can be exhausting planning the event of a lifetime but I think we’re ready!


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