A big change of plans!

One of the nice things about having season passes for Valleyfair is that it’s okay if we get there and only have time for one ride and dessert.  Tonight we had dinner at McDonald’s on our way to the amusement park.  Doodle and I split chicken nuggets, K-Cat had a double cheeseburger, and Hubby tried their new bacon double cheeseburger.  We ate quickly, rented a couple of movies and an X-Box game from Redbox and headed out to ride our favorite roller coasters! 

We learned tonight that Valleyfair has already moved to their fall hours.  We arrived at 7:50 to find that we had 10 minutes to enjoy the park before it closed.  We realized quickly that there would be no roller coaster rides, but, never a family to be daunted by the impossible, we headed in and the girls went straight to the carousel.  We then walked to the back of the park and enjoyed a funnel cake as we watched the kids who work at the park close down their rides and games.  We followed the crowd out a little before 8:30 and headed home to watch our movies and play X-Box games. 

It’s been a quiet night since we got home – the girls are downstairs conquering Lego worlds on the gaming system and Hubby and I just finished watching our first movie, Hall Pass.  It’s time for a popcorn break and then on to our second movie, Little Fockers – good thing we like Owen Wilson!


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