A very full night!

As we are down to only two kids at home this weekend, we decided it was a great chance to catch up on date nights with the girls!  Hubby took K-Cat out to see Mr. Popper’s Penguins and Doodle and I went shopping and to dinner.  As I’m sitting to write this though, I realize that I’ve really got to get better at getting my blogs up either at the end of each day or first thing in the morning – it is much too challenging for me to try to remember what happened yesterday at the end of today!  I have another good excuse though if anyone wants to hear it…

Doodle and I started our date at Jo-Ann’s Fabric; Doodle had a gift card she has wanted to use for some time and, since the sewing machine is still out anyway, we decided we might as well see what we fun fabrics we could find.  Much to our surprise and excitement, they had a bunch of quilting fabric on sale!  We left with several yards of polka dots, butterflies, and other assorted prints for blankets and bags – you can never have too many projects going at one time, right? 

From there, we headed over to Olive Garden – it’s “Never-Ending Pasta” time and Doodle LOVES pasta!  We tried several combinations:  angel hair with pizzaiola, spaghetti with five cheese marinara, orecchiette with roasted mushroom, and penne with alfredo!  In my opinion, the best was the pizzaiola sauce; Doodle preferred the alfredo.   I definitely don’t think there is a bad choice though!  We left with plenty of leftovers and even a couple of extra breadsticks (pictured here)! 

As soon as we got home, Doodle got to work sewing and I started trying on outfits for my next big adventure!  A few weeks ago, I found a Groupon deal that I couldn’t pass up for a late-night country music cruise on Lake Minnetonka that sailed at 10:30 last night.  I am grateful for girlfriends who like to stay up as late as I do and who love trying new things as Hubby had a Fantasy Football draft early today and didn’t want to take on a late-night activity. 

I settled on an outfit and still ended up changing one last time as my Bingo Buddy GF arrived to pick me up.  We headed to Excelsior to board the cruise and were amazed, as always, at the crowds around Maynard’s and the Bayview Event Center!  When we finally found the dock, we had a little time to wander around and scope out some of the incredible boats that people on the lake own – there should be another word for these watercrafts as “boats” hardly seems to describe most of them. 

Boarding started promptly at 10:15 – well, at least lining up to board started then.  It was great fun!  We made our way on board and headed up to the top of the boat.  As soon as we sailed, the food was served!  We had chicken fajitas, jalapeno cornbread, and cowboy caviar (which, in my best estimation, is actually some type of corn, avocado, salsa, and other veggies combination – whatever it was, it was very good!). 

There was a good-sized crowd on board, maybe a little less than 100 people counting the crew.  They had a small dance floor and two guitar players who did a good job of providing a variety of classic Johnny Cash, contemporary country and even a little 80’s music.  Several brave souls tried two-stepping and line dancing.  I think one couple was even trying a cowboy swing, but, really, there wasn’t quite enough room to execute well!  The music and dancing was fun though. 

The cruise ended much too quickly and we were back at the dock and headed home a little before 1 in the morning (which led to my sleeping in until 10:30 this morning!)…  and THAT is my long-winded reason for why I am posting yesterday’s blog at 7:00 tonight!


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