An excuse for Wednesdays…

Some days I just know that I’m not going to get an update posted on the blog!  That’s how yesterday panned out.  I worked in the morning, put LooHoo on an airplane to Cincinnati in the early afternoon, and then spent the rest of the afternoon and most of the evening working.  Before dinner, I had pants to pick up from the tailor and boards to find for Tae Kwon Do.  The girls are at a level now where breaking boards is required for their next belt.  This is a little scary for a mom to think about, but the health insurance is up-to-date so I guess we’re as prepared as we’re going to be!  And, if they do it right, there’s very little danger of them getting hurt… is that a mighty big IF? 

At about 7:30, I arrived back at home with new pants, ten 7-inch #2 white pine boards, and an extra 3-feet of board to be cut for more breaking practice.  We fed the girls leftovers, helped them pack for a sleepover with friends and headed out the door again… about this time, I began to realize that there would likely not be a blog for Wednesday this week! 

We dropped the girls off at the Bingo Buddies’ house for a sleepover and headed back home again to squeeze in a little more work before going out for Wednesday night appetizers and bingo.  At the possible risk of bringing in a larger crowd to our favorite hangout, I’ll share that BW3 in Chanhassen is a great way to dispel the mid-week blues!  We’ve been playing music bingo there on Wednesday nights since late March or early April.  Usually it’s just me, Hubby, the Bingo Buddies, and The Fireman and his wife – do we sound like we should be shipwrecked on a desert island?  Jay Pea and The Firefolk’s son were able to join us a lot over the summer, too; and, occasionally, when the jackpot is big enough, some of our other friends will drop in for the evening. 

The picture, therefore, is of our SECOND dinner last night – parmesan garlic bone-in wings and chips and salsa!  Absolutely wonderful!!  The night ended with our table maintaining our winning streak from last week – Hubby won six free wings and The Fireman won a 50 FREE wing party – guess that solidifies what I’ll be doing next Wednesday night instead of blogging (as if there was a question)!


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