Date Night and Clearance Sales!

It was date night last night, and, despite the very high dew point yesterday, we decided to venture out.  One of our favorite babysitters, LooHoo, is leaving today for almost a week to visit friends in Cincinnati so we figured it could be our last chance to sneak in a date in August! 

Old Chicago does happy hour specials until 6 p.m. – half price on selected appetizers.  We got there at 6:01, but our server was nice enough to slip our Italian Nachos and Chicken Tenders order in under the 6:00 price!  The chicken tenders were really good, but (insert VERY sad face) I think I am developing an aversion to Italian Nachos.  They are still very good, but they are extremely greasy.  I was only able to eat about half of my half before the grease started to make me sick to my stomach! 

We did manage to plan our Thanksgiving vacation while we were eating, and (thanks to Old Chicago’s wireless internet) we were even able to confirm a timeshare exchange for a place in northern Minnesota for the week!  It seems to have everything we require of a Thanksgiving vacation home – a full kitchen for cooking turkey dinner, close to Jay Pea’s school so she doesn’t have to drive too far for the holiday, AND close enough to a big city with REAL shopping so we don’t have to miss Black Friday! 

Speaking of shopping, after dinner, we hit Clothes Mentor, one of my favorite re-sale shops for women’s professional clothing.  I highly recommend this place for women who love Plato’s Closet but are finding that the clothes there are “too young” for them or not acceptable at work!  My wardrobe is getting a little worn out, and, as I’m going to be hosting a discussion this fall with young business women in our office about professional image, I figured I should do a little clothing updating.  The really exciting news here… they were having a 70% off sale!!  I walked out with one pair of pants, four tops, and a skirt for under $30! 

The next stop was Kohl’s.  About this time, LooHoo texted that she and the younger girls were going to make brownies!  Talk about tempting us to come home early! 

The fun thing about Kohl’s is that everything is ALWAYS on sale.  Yes, I know it’s a marketing ploy and that they mark-up the price in order to mark it down, but it works.  It makes me feel good to see the original price and know that I’m paying less.  Also, they do have really great clearance sales, AND I had a gift card from my birthday.  I decided on three more tops there and even Hubby found a few things! 

It was definitely nice to come home with vacation plans and bags full of my updated professional image – of course, the girls’ brownies and a big glass of milk helped too!


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