A BIG event in our lives…

Dinner last night found us in Superior, WI, for a very bittersweet event in our lives.  Jay Pea moved back to school.  As anyone who has an “adult” child will attest, it is amazing to watch them grow up – from the little stuff like buying their own groceries and figuring out their own budget to the big stuff like making life choices and taking a stand about what they are for and against.  It was much easier this year to drive away at the end of the day, however, knowing that she has lived there before and knows her way around the cities.  I look forward to her first visit home and to our next visit up there! 

As you can see, we found one of my favorite fast-food places for dinner (thank you, Hubby, for the photography tips to make this picture much better than many of the others!)…  I’m actually glad that we don’t live closer to a Taco John’s because I’m sure there is very little nutritional value to the Taco Burger and Potato Ole’s that I eat there!  It is a nice treat once in a while though and for some reason, I love taco meat, cheese and lettuce on a hamburger bun! 

It took us most of the day to get Jay Pea moved in and to help put pictures up and to hang up clothes.  In all the moves we’ve made, I’ve always said that nothing makes a place feel like home faster than to get your own pictures up on the walls!  Everyone pitched in and the place looked very homey and cozy by the time we left (if I do say so myself!). 

We then started the long drive back home – extra long because of summer road construction which brought traffic to an actual stop just north of Hinckley!  The three younger girls endured the ride for the most part and I finished up my fall planning for Awana.  Unfortunately, Hubby was driving which meant there was very little diversion for him.  It was just before 11 p.m. when we finally rolled into our driveway.  I think the day was a little long for everyone as there were very few arguments about heading straight to bed!  Jay Pea and I had a quick text chat and I headed off to bed knowing that all of my girls were tucked in safe and sound – thankful for technology!


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