All dressed up with nowhere to go!

Tonight, it’s just Jay Pea, K-Cat and me.  Hubby, LooHoo and Doodle are all in Frazee visiting Nana and Grandpa.  From what I hear, the girls had a fun movie day with Nana while the guys hit the Last Chance demolition derby in Perham!  We will meet up again tomorrow in Superior.  

After a day of packing the rest of Jay Pea’s stuff for school, going to a birthday party and catching up on some work, we decided that 2 for $20 dinner at Applebee’s was a better option than eating at home and going to a movie in Hopkins – notice that both options include us being out of the house!  We decided that dinner out meant no cleaning up dinner dishes and we could spend the evening finishing up Jay Pea’s packing.  So Applebee’s was our choice! 

They have a couple of new Italian-inspired dinners so we tried the Brushetta Chicken along with old favorites – mozzarella sticks and chicken tenders.  The Brushetta Chicken was wonderful – green peppers, cheese, red potatoes… very, very good.  

After dinner, we went back home to hit the packing.  Jay Pea finished up very quickly so K-Cat decided we should celebrate with mini-makeovers and ice cream!  I dished up some Cookies & Cream and K-Cat found the make-up.  She actually did a great job on our eye shadow, blush, and lip gloss.  Very soon we were all dolled up with nowhere to go – I wonder if the people at HGTV appreciate how good we look just to sit and watch their programming tonight?


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