It’s coming to an end…

Yes, the Styrofoam plate does mean that we were eating outside again!  Likely not too many days left of being able to do that as even tonight it was pretty chilly out for those of us who are kind of wimpy about the cold.

Tonight we had a BBQ at the lake with friends – we’ll call them the Bingo Buds since they introduced us to one of our favorite mid-week activities.  After a long day working, and Jay Pea’s last work day before she leaves for school, we loaded up the van and headed to the lake.  We made a quick stop at the store on the way as we realized that we now have so much stuff to haul up and down the path to the lake that we need a wagon.  Luckily, there was one available at a very good price. 

The problem with buying a wagon on the way to the lake is that you need tools to put it together when you get there.  Well, Hubby, being the forward thinker that he is, packed a tool kit…  BUT, when we opened it to begin the assembly, the hammer (the one piece we needed for this exercise) was NOT in its pre-formed slot in the kit.  As we are always resourceful, something many years of Girl Scouting taught well, we resorted to using the back of a screwdriver and a rock to assemble our new wagon.  It wasn’t easy, but the good news is it works great and I didn’t break any nails! 

The BBQ was perfect!  Burgers, brats, hot dogs, pasta salads, cucumbers, corn…  The Bingo Buds’ kids and our kids hit the beach full force and spent the entire time playing in the water – except when we made them get out and eat.  I think they will be very sad to see summer end!  Another sign summer is winding down is that it was already starting to get dark a little after 8. 

So, after dinner, it was home to finish packing Jay Pea’s stuff for school.  Hubby, LooHoo, and Doodle are headed to Frazee tomorrow morning to spend time with family and to catch another demolition derby – not many of those left either this summer!  Jay Pea, K-Cat and I are staying here; Jay Pea has more packing to do, K-Cat has a birthday party to go to, and I have lots of work to catch up on.  I’m thinking I should try to get out and sit in the sun a little bit tomorrow…  I’m beginning to feel like there aren’t many chances for that left either this year!


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