Fresh Air AND Bingo!

Last night, we were with extended family for dinner.  The food was amazing!  There is nothing like fresh air and a beautiful summer night in the country to make everything taste better.  AND our great meal was followed by an incredible dessert of bars made with ice cream sandwiches, cool whip, hot fudge, and Butterfingers! 

As I mentioned yesterday, our three younger girls had gone down Tuesday afternoon for an overnight with cousins – I still love that we live close enough to extended family that they can have those experiences.  It was good to get down there and watch them playing together in the sandbox, riding bikes, and having tea parties.  We also got to take the Gator and go drive around the farm with them – a huge treat for this city girl… and an easy way to get into nature without really getting INTO it. 

One of my favorite parts of the evening was sitting on the patio visiting and watching the hummingbirds – I’ve never seen so many in one place.  They are so tiny, move so fast, and I didn’t realize how noisy their wings are – they actually buzz!  The evening was perfect and very relaxing and the kids were exhausted by the time we actually loaded them all in the van and headed north again for Chanhassen. 

We got home in time to change clothes and head out to meet our friends for late night free music bingo; something that has become a habit on Wednesday night!  The exciting news – the jackpot was up to $700 and one of our friends won it!  We’ll call him The Fireman (well, because he is… and we don’t actually know many of them personally anymore).  Anyway, he actually got bingo at the same time as another person so they ended up splitting their winnings 50/50, but, still, it was exciting to have a big winner at our table.  Also, it will make next week’s game much less stressful as the jackpot will be back down to $50.


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