A rare treat

Dinner tonight was another wonderful home-cooked meal.  Hubby made Jay Pea’s favorite dinner in honor of her going back to school in a couple days – slow cooker chicken with mashed potatoes!  It was wonderful with fresh cucumbers and tomatoes. 

The dinner conversation was interesting though as this blog is making us notice things about our meals that we never noticed before:  my food rarely touches other food on my plate; and our meals might look more interesting if we had lots of different dish patterns; and we are not always (okay we are rarely) healthy eaters!  But that’s probably all stuff of much deeper thought blogs that this one is meant to be! 

Tonight was really very quiet.  Jay Pea and LooHoo drove the younger girls to their sports practice while I began putting together plans and calendars for fall.  September is one of my favorite months because we get back to real schedules!  I can’t believe it’s almost here. 

When the girls all got home, we had a mini nail spa – the plan is to make this a regular occurrence every couple weeks to try to combat dirty and half-painted fingernails…  It was a lot of fun; we even found some little gemstones to put on the younger girls’ nails! 

The night ended with everyone in the family room, watching TV, working on plans for the fall, playing computer games, and, generally, hanging out together.  A nice, quiet and relaxing evening – these are way too rare!


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