An evening with Friends

No, once again, this is not an actual picture of dinner…but of the snack we had at the movie after dinner.  First, let me apologize to everyone who is reading this on a regular basis for the delays this week in getting my posts online!  Second, I will try to do better at taking pictures of the MEALS and not the snacks around the meals…

Okay, now that that’s out of the way…  last night was a very fun one!  The three younger girls are staying with cousins out of town – they left yesterday afternoon and will get home later tonight.  With three less mouths to feed and fewer “choosy” eaters, we headed out to Don Pablos in Eden Prairie!  It was all-you-can-eat Taco Tuesday after all…

The place was not very busy, which was good because it meant we got a table quickly.  They brought the free chips and salsa right away; again good because we were very hungry!  I have to say that I really like their salsa.  It always tastes very fresh; the chips and salsa are good at BW3, but Don Pablos’ salsa wins hands down! 

Hubby and Jay Pea split a combo meal and I, of course, went for the all-I-could eat tacos…  How could I pass that up when I got to make my own taco combinations:  beef, chicken, hard, soft… ??  Well, all-I-could-eat turned out to be three, but Hubby got one and I got to take two home (maybe lunch today?). 

Hubby is not really a fan of ground beef at Mexican restaurants – says it lacks any real flavor.  Of course, he’s a little biased as he makes INCREDIBLE tacos!  The meal he split with Jay Pea must have been pretty good though as there were no leftovers, and I definitely enjoyed the tacos – four soft (two chicken, two beef) and two hard (both beef) – looking forward to eating the leftovers soon! 

After dinner, we headed to the Eden Prairie mall to see a movie – Friends with Benefits.  Would I recommend it?  Maybe.  It was full of VERY funny one-liners and was a cute story, followed the RomCom pattern well.  However, if you’re thinking about seeing it, you should know that it is rated R for very good reason – the strong language and sexual content is definitely there.  We did laugh out loud a lot, along with much of the rest of the theater, but, if you are easily offended or embarrassed, probably best to avoid this one! 

You’d think after a night this fun that we would have come home and gone right to bed, right?  Well, we planned to, but I made the mistake of turning on the TV for an instant and happened to catch an old episode of Friends!  It was the one right before Chandler and Monica’s wedding where Chandler disappears and Phoebe finds out someone is pregnant and Joey learns that he might have to miss the wedding which he is supposed to preside over and…  Well, if you aren’t tracking with me yet on why I had to stay up and watch this one, you probably won’t get it even if I keep going…  so I’ll end here!


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