Fair food

Tonight’s dinner was actually a quick run through the McDonald’s drive through on the way to Waconia for the Carver County Fair Demolition Derby!  This is definitely one of our favorite events each year and the Carver County Fair food helps a lot too.  The kettle corn was actually leftover from Hubby and Jay Pea’s date to the fair last night! 

We were lucky to get a parking lot only a couple of blocks from the fair entrance so the walk was short.  We paid our fee to get in and wandered through the exotic animal petting zoo – yep, kangaroos, cavys and water buffalo all within touching distrance!  Next it was over to the rabbit barn where we had to tell Doodle every two minutes that she could not have a rabbit even if they can be litter trained and even if she promises to keep it in her room all the time… 

Hubby then headed to the grandstand to get us some seats and the girls and I wandered through the pig barn and, get this…, the llama barn!  Call me a traditionalist, but I just don’t think of llamas as farm animals – Old McDonald didn’t have one!  Anyway, Hubby texted to tell us that we should head over soon as the seats were filling up.  Good thing too; by the time we got there it was getting packed! 

We were quickly treated to two hours of watching cars and (my personal favorite) pick-up trucks crash into each other on purpose.  I’m telling you, you can’t take the trailer park out of the girl!  I love demolition derby on a warm summer evening! 

To top the night off and end it on a perfect note, we watched a calf round-up demonstration and then wandered through the fair “food court”!  There, Hubby treated us to funnel cake, Dippin’ Dots, pork burgers, and poutine (gravy, cheese curds, and fries!!)…  life doesn’t get much better!


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