Dinner for one

A quick and easy early dinner tonight for me…  cheese omlet with a side of fried ham and milk.  Had a light, early lunch and was VERY hungry after a busy day.  So, because I knew there would be no time for dinner as a family, I went ahead and ate early and alone!  The bonus to doing this is I can have eggs which no one else except LooHoo likes…

Hubby and Jay Pea went out on another date – I think he’s going to miss his oldest daughter a lot again this year!  This time, they hit the tractor pull at the county fair with a stop for dinner on the way. 

LooHoo is helping with respite care tonight at church and having a friend sleep over afterwards.  I made the mistake of offering to take the girls out to dinner on the way to drop LooHoo off.  Of course, she wanted Burger King, Doodle wanted Taco Bell, and K-Cat wanted McDonald’s.  So, what’s a mom to do?  Yep…  I went through all three drive throughs and got dinner for my girlies!  On the down side, that meant I couldn’t pass up a snack from Taco Bell which means I am now WAY stuffed!  Where’s the self-control??

Luckily, we don’t have anything we have to do tonight except pick up LooHoo.  So, it’s another movie night at our house which gives me a great excuse to sit on the couch, catch up on email, and listen to my girls sing “Annie” songs!  Their favorite and mine?  “Hard Knock Life”  At this rate, maybe I’ll get to bed early tonight?


2 thoughts on “Dinner for one

    1. You’re probably right, but they do enjoy it once in a while and it’s fun to do the unexpected some times – like being willing to go to three drive-thrus just so they don’t have to “settle” for someone else’s favorite place to eat. I’m sure you’re noticing that we’re probably not the most healthy eaters out there! We try to get a good balance of eating in and eating out, but we do sometimes choose convenience…

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