Looks like it could be a long night!

Pizza at Lake Ann!  Hard to beat a dinner like this.  Of course, it’s a sure sign that it’s the end of a crazy, busy week and, in this case, that LooHoo was feeling generous as she offered to buy dinner if we could go swimming at Lake Ann – what a girl! 

So, Hubby ordered Dominos online – one cheese only for the younger girls, one pepperoni and bacon and one chicken and bacon thin crust with white sauce (my personal favorite!).  He then headed out with LooHoo, Doodle, and K-Cat so that they could start swimming.  This is one of their favorite summer activities – a late afternoon swim and dinner at the beach.  Personally, I enjoy just sitting in the grass reading or watching everyone play in the lake.  Getting into the lake is definitely NOT on my list of fun things…  Reasons?  Well, first there’s that I don’t really like swimming in the first place, but the idea of swimming in a lake with fish kind of freaks me out! 

So, after the alloted waiting for pizza to cook time had passed, Jay Pea and I drove to Dominos and delivered our pizzas to the lake.  We were a little afraid that we’d walked through a timewarp as we headed down to the beach since we nearly collided with a guy riding his bike with a very large boom box duct taped to the handle bars.  He smiled and nodded and kept on riding.  Luckily, we found Hubby and the girls quickly and were relieved to find that they were the same ages they had been when they left the house! 

We ate and hung out for a bit, but it wasn’t too long before the mosquitos started coming out…  I always wonder where they actually “come out” of – is it the ground, the trees, someplace else?  Anyway, Jay Pea is very allergic to mosquito bites, and, while it’s pretty cool to watch her bites puff up, it’s very uncomfortable for her – so, she and I decided that was a good time to leave the lake. 

One of the great things about living in a house full of girls is that when someone decides to paint their nails or dress up or, as the case was tonight, color their hair, every one wants to get in on the action!  Jay Pea came up with the idea, so we stopped at the drug store on the way home and grabbed some different hair colors – of course, we never considered exactly how long this process would take, but when has that ever stopped us once we get our mind set on something like this!  We are, right now, halfway done with the coloring process and anxious to see the finished results – wish us luck!


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