Is that dinner?

Dinner at home again tonight, but, if you look closer, you’ll be able to tell that Hubby didn’t make it!  Tonight I was in charge of cooking.  This usually means we eat things like Spaghettios, leftovers, or, in this case, grilled cheese in the nifty sandwich maker and ramen with cream of chicken soup (I need to come up with a cool name for that dish!).  Oh, and pop – the girls rarely get pop for dinner, but when mom’s cooking…  well…  let’s just say they usually figure out a way to get pop to drink! 

So, why was I in charge?  Hubby needed a big nap to be ready for another early evening work meeting and a late night hanging out with the family!  It’s usually not a big deal for him to stay up late, but after getting up early all week for work (NOT his normal work schedule!), there was no way he’d make it to midnight without a nap!  So, he headed to bed and I headed for the kitchen. 

It’s actually quite humorous to watch me wander through the kitchen opening cabinets and the fridge to see what I’ve got to work with; pulling out cans and boxes and bags and thinking of the new combinations of food I can make.  Not sure why I spend so much time trying to figure it out as we typically end up with something like the meal you see pictured here!  Not that it’s not good…  but it hardly reflects the effort that it took to come up with it. 

We had a lot of errands to run tonight so it was good that dinner clean-up was easy.  Doodle and K-Cat needed to be dropped off at a friend’s house for a sleepover, LooHoo had a babysitting job in Eden Prairie, and Jay Pea needed to get some things for her dorm room!  So, after unplugging the sandwich machine and tossing dirty dishes in the dishwasher, we quickly piled in the car and headed out with a mission – Best Buy, Target, Walmart and Cub Foods!  Three hours later, down by two kids who were replaced in the van by a very large futon and a small fridge, we were back home – talk about power shopping!


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