These are a few of our favorite things…

Dinner at home again tonight – two nights in a row!  Amazing as Hubby is working 8:30 to 3:30 this whole week – would never have expected a home-cooked meal again tonight…  maybe it’s the incredible corn that inspired him.  Afterall, who’s ever heard of sweet corn as part of Italian night?  I’m definitely not complaining…  Stouffer’s lasagna and Cole’s garlic bread are huge family favorites; so if the corn is what inspired him, bring it on! 

One of the great things about frozen lasagna is that once it’s in the oven, the chef is free to do other things.  That meant Hubby and I got to spend a few minutes doing one of our favorite things – watching DVDs of old TV shows…  cheesy?  Maybe, but we love it!  

It was nice to catch up before dinner!  Good thing too as after dinner Hubby and Jay Pea headed out the door even before the dishes were put away in order to make it to a meeting…  from what I hear, after the meeting, they planned to squeeze in a little Dad and Daughter time before Jay Pea heads back to school in less than two weeks!  Rumor has it (okay a text from Hubby confirmed it) that they were headed to Valleyfair to ride a couple of their favorite rides before closing time. 

K-Cat got bored pretty quickly after the dinner dishes were picked up and the sun started to go down, mostly because she couldn’t jump on the trampoline outside anymore.  Her solution – a family movie with LooHoo, Doodle, and mom!  We picked Back to the Future 3 – another family favorite and a great ending to a night full of our favorite things!


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