Looking for leftovers!

Finally dinner at home again!  I’ve missed Hubby’s cooking, and he pulled out all the stops tonight by trying something new:  Costco chicken stuffed wraps accompanied by fresh cucumbers, corn, and potatoes from the corn stand. 

After a very busy day working at home, this dinner hit the spot!  The white corn was perfect – sweet, tender…  AND only available at the Fresh Pickins Red Barn corn stands in Chanhassen and Hopkins (or at some Lunds and Byerly), but the bottom line is it’s definitely worth seeking out!  The chicken stuffed wraps were very good – cheese, creamy ranch sauce, bacon, and chicken – hard to beat a combination like that.  Thinking we’ll have to buy those again soon. 

Unfortunately, as Darling Daughters #3 and #4 (let’s call them Doodle and K-Cat) had sports to be at tonight, we had to eat very quickly – amazing how it can take 30 minutes to make dinner and less than 10 to eat it!  We quickly packed the leftovers into the fridge and headed out the door grateful that Hubby was willing to cook for all of us after his busy day even though we couldn’t sit and enjoy the meal. 

After sports, it was back to work for me – some days are like that.  I have to say I’m mentally exhausted now and glad today is coming to an end.  I’ve officially reached that point in the evening where I’m not going to be effective any longer so I’m off to watch some television with Jay Pea, Doodle, K-Cat, and Darling Daughter #2 (LooHoo from here forward)…  hmm – now where’d we put those leftovers??


2 thoughts on “Looking for leftovers!

  1. Has Hubby introduced you to Grandma.s cream dressing on lettuce over new potatoes? Fresh from the garden food is amazing this time of year!

  2. He never has… but that could be because of his aversion to lettuce and all other things green! We do tend to eat a lot of potatoes, especially new potatoes – so I’ll have to ask him about that one some time.

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