Fuel for Fashion

Had a very late dinner tonight… 9:45!  Actually, just made it into Jimmy John’s in Chan before they closed at 10 o’clock.  Why so late?  Well, my Darling Daughter #1 (we’ll call her Jay Pea because that’s what we’ve always called her!) and I went to Mall of America after hours for a special fall preview and sale at Victoria Secret Pink! 

After a busy Sunday and a brief nap, a trip to the mall seemed like a great way to close the day!  We both found stuff to buy (imagine that!), including Vikings apparel…  does it still count as football fan-wear if it says Vikings and “Love Pink” on it?  I’m gonna go with YES! 

Anyway, we were actually a little worried that we wouldn’t find anything open on a Sunday night after 9 o’clock in Chanhassen and that we might have to settle for leftovers at home or some type of fried fast food!  So, we were very excited when we drove past Jimmy John’s and saw that their lights were still on.  We both ordered our favorite sandwich – the Turkey Tom – which I think they add some secret ingredient to that makes it addictive!  Jay Pea thinks its something in the bread; she actually said she would eat sprout and mayo sandwiches there just to get their bread – she’s a strange one! 

We did have to eat rather quickly as the two guys working there wanted to close up.  Eating quickly at Jimmy John’s is not easy because there are so many funny signs to read on their walls!  My favorite – “If these walls could talk, there wouldn’t be a need for all these signs”!  However, when they start sweeping the floor and locking the doors, it’s a good sign to chew faster, stop reading, talk less, and get out…  just grateful they didn’t turn off the lights, I suppose.  Despite the late hour, Jimmy John’s definitely served up a great ending to a really fun night and gave us the fuel to put on a fun fashion show for the fam when we got home!


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