A night saved by Chocolate Cake!

Okay, so the picture is not actually dinner… but it was a very yummy part of the night!  Tonight my SD GF and I sent the guys off to a Twins game and then headed off to Chipotle in Chanhassen for a last-minute girls’ night out before they hit the road tomorrow back to Cincinnati.  They will truly be missed! 

The parking lot was packed (seems to be a theme around here for eating out), but the crowd must have been somewhere else because there was a very short line at Chipotle.  I had the usual…  Carnitas Burrito, black beans, corn salsa, cheese…  what can I say?  The food is always good at Chipotle.  SD GF had a burrito bowl and chips and guac to share.  I definitely recommend Chipotle’s chips! 

The music in the restaurant was a little loud (or maybe that’s a side effect of getting older!)…  but we found a table in the back and got to sit and talk for at least an hour about life and kids and the future – praise God for amazing friends!  After dinner, we headed over to Cub Foods – may not sound like a big adventure, but that’s where we found the double-layer chocolate fudge cake!  Highly recommended! 

Stopped by Redbox at Cub and picked up a movie – yes, picked it up meaning we pre-ordered and paid for it online (a tip for those of you that feel silly standing at the machnie trying to decide what to get or find yourself disappointed that the Redbox you are at doesn’t have the movie you want – you can browse, search for the location, and pre-pay for your movie online and then just pick it up at Redbox by swipping your credit card!).  Anyway, the movie turned out to be a waste of time to watch – How Do You Know?  No, not a question; that’s actually the name of the movie. 

The good news is that despite a bad movie choice, the company, the cake, and the coffee (from my new Keurig – a great birthday present) were amazing – a perfect close to a great Saturday!


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